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As teenage girls, our haircuts speaks a lot about us. As much as possible, we want to always look gorgeous with our haircut and that is why most teens would go actively in experimenting with their looks, trying new styles and fashion ideas with their hair. You will see a number of hairstyles today for teens that will definitely capture your attention and make everyone stare at you like you’re a different person after all. So if you are a teen looking for haircuts for medium hair , short hair or long hair or just looking for a new teenage hairstyle for school we have an option for you in our list. Try these 51 fashionable haircuts for teens and pick the one that best fit you.

51 Cute & Stylish Haircuts for Teenage Girls

  1. Stacked Bob for Teens with Fine Hair
  2. Stacked Bob for Teens with Fine Hair
    Stacked Bob for Teens with Fine Hair

    Girls will surely love this hairstyle for their fine hair. This adds volume to your hair. Stacked bob is best for fine hair because it provides more volume to your hair, making it look tangle-free and lovely.

  3. Straight Blunt Haircut for Girls

    Straight Blunt Haircut for Girls
    Straight Blunt Haircut for Girls

    Simple, sleek, and straight as it is, a straight haircut never runs out of style. It is timeless and perfectly cute for girls. This is good since it requires less maintenance if only you keep it naturally long. It also looks good on curly hair.


  5. Emo cutie for Geeks
  6. Emo cutie for Geeks
    Emo cutie for Geeks

    For emo subculture, this would be a perfect fit. The edgy look of your hair makes you look attractive.


  7. Young Girl Hair Style
  8. Side-parted and slightly chin-length hairstyle
    Side-parted and slightly chin-length hairstyle

    Side-parted and slightly chin-length, this haircut brings a charming light on your face. Put on a bit of bangs and you’ll surely look gorgeous.


  9. Layered Long Fringed
  10. Layered Long Fringed hairstyle
    Layered Long Fringed hairstyle

    For girls with straight and thick hair, a layered hair will add some lightness on the face while the weight locks down.


  11. Choppy Steps
  12. choppy steps haircut
    choppy steps haircut

    Hair with minimum thickness will look great with medium length haircut. This gives a trendy twist on their looks.


  13. Short Haircut for Teenage Girl with Wavy Hair
  14. Short Haircut for Your Wavy Hair
    Short Haircut for Your Wavy Hair

    A natural wave on your hair is a blessing and not a curse, so keep it and enhance it further. Showcase your unique hair feature and get better with a short wavy hair.


  15. Long Layers
  16. Long Layers
    Long Layers

    For any hair texture, this one surely looks great. This feathered style will get your girl look pretty at any angle.


  17. Edgy Short Haircut for Teenage Girl
  18. Edgy Short Haircut
    Edgy Short Haircut

    Sassy and cute as it looks, you can add colorful strands on it or a temporary dye through clips and other accessories.


  19. Layered Hair with Thick Bangs
  20. Layered Hair with Thick Bangs
    Layered Hair with Thick Bangs

    Girls look adorable in short thick bangs. You’ll look refreshed and awesome with this haircut.


  21. Simple Cut Added With a Pop of Color
  22. Simple Cut Added With a Pop of Color
    Simple Cut Added With a Pop of Color

    A front V-cut adds a little fun to your hair and will not make you look traditional.


  23. Chin-Length Bob Cut
  24. CChin Length Bob Hairstyles
    Chin Length Bob Hairstyles

    This classic hair cut will always be on the run. This is flattering to any face shape so why not try this one next time you have your hair cut.


  25. Layered and Chick Inverted Bob
  26. Layered and Chick Inverted Bob
    Layered and Chick Inverted Bob

    This one is cut differently with the classic bob cut because this is edgy and much trendier.


  27. Messy Haircut But Neat
  28. Messy Haircut But Neat
    Messy Haircut But Neat

    Accentuate the edges of your hair and put some color on it. Your short hair will make you look trendier.


  29. Short Haircut for Thin Hair
  30. Short Haircut for Thin Hair
    Short Haircut for Thin Hair

    Short haircuts fit for thin textured hair because of its vulnerable property.



  31. Layered Curly Bob Cut
  32. Layered Curly Bob Cut
    Layered Curly Bob Cut

    Try a blunt yet fashionable curly bob hair cut to make you look younger.


  33. Pixie Cut
  34. Pixie Cut
    Pixie Cut

    Your hair doesn’t always have to look long. Try a pixie cut and you’ll look adorable.


  35. Shoulder Length Curly Haircut
  36. Shoulder Length Curly Haircut
    Shoulder Length Curly Haircut

    For young ladies with fine and straight hair, this one goes for you. Hold some curls on hair and attract guys.


  37. Boyish Bob Cut
  38. Boyish Bob Cut
    Boyish Bob Cut

    Look boyish yet fashionable with this hairstyle.


  39. Foamy Fantasy
  40. foamy fantasy hairstyles
    foamy fantasy hairstyles

    Get a short, black, and cloud-like haircut to add mystery to your look.


  41. Thick Blunt Bangs
  42. Thick Blunt Bangs
    Thick Blunt Bangs

    Add highlights and contrast on your new haircut


  43. Charming Beachy Waves
  44. Charming Beachy Waves
    Charming Beachy Waves

    For long and fine hair, this will get you gorgeous even better than before.


  45. Sweet Pixie Marvel
  46. Sweet Pixie Marvel
    Sweet Pixie Marvel

    This rebellious pixie cut will completely make you appear awesome.


  47. Wavy Hair Bob Haircut
  48. Wavy Hair Bob Haircut
    Wavy Hair Bob Haircut

    Get your hair to look softer and tender like angles with a wavy hair bob cut.


  49. Angles and Edges
  50. Angles and Edges hair
    Angles and Edges hair

    A soft yet angular look will look wonderful on you with edges and angles.


  51. Kitty Haircut
  52. Kitty Haircut
    Kitty Haircut

    Delicate and fragile, a kitty hairstyle instantly brings an innocent look on you.


  53. Ultimate Chic
  54. Ultimate Chic
    Ultimate Chic

    A short asymmetric cut with slanting bangs will be appreciated by anyone.


  55. Geometric Precision
  56. classy bob cut
    classy bob cut

    A classy bob cut with geometric lines that are eye-catching.


  57. Foxy
  58. Foxy

    A long layered haircut offers a fantastic look on you.


  59. Long soft layering
  60. Pretty Waves
    Long soft layering

    Create an accent on the texture with this one.


  61. Versatile Bob
  62. Versatile Bob
    Versatile Bob

    Natural curls on you bob haircut never spoils.


  63. Cheeky Pixie Stylish Haircut for Teenage Girl
  64. Cheeky Pixie_opt

    This lessens your burden for maintenance and styling. With a cheeky pixie haircut, you’ll get more fashionable and stylish.


  65. Spiky
  66. spiky haircut
    spiky haircut

    Get a soft and tender haircut with some spiky on your hair.


  67. Simple and Natural Curly Hair
  68. Simple and Natural Curly Hair
    Simple and Natural Curly Hair

    A beautiful and long hair offers a simple look on your hair. Even with no edges and layering.


  69. Extra Short Bob
  70. Extra Short Bob
    Extra Short Bob

    For thin hair, a short bob haircut that extends to your jaw line


  71. Edgy, Short and Asymmetric Cute Haircut for teenage girl
  72. Edgy, Short and Asymmetric hair cut
    Edgy, Short and Asymmetric hair cut

    This is a cute girly haircut moved to one side looks amazingly beautiful on girls.


  73. Curly Gal
  74. curly gal
    curly gal

    With no rule, you can have a new look on your curly hair.


  75. Shaggy Curly Hair
  76. Shaggy Curly Hair
    Shaggy Curly Hair

    Create a fantastic look on your hair with this haircut.


  77. Flowing Cut
  78. Flowing Cut
    Flowing Cut

    Your Medium haircut with colorful strokes will make you look great.


  79. Bob With Pointed Edges
  80. Bob With Pointed Edges
    Bob With Pointed Edges

    Get thin edges on your bob haircut for square and round faces.


  81. Bob With Bangs
  82. Bob With Bangs
    Bob With Bangs

    Bob cut with pointed bangs fits for any face shape.


  83. Colored Short Hair Cut
  84. Colored Short Hair Cut
    Colored Short Hair Cut

    Try a colored short hair this summer for a new look.


  85. Cheeky Hair Cut
  86. Cheeky Hair Cut
    Cheeky Hair Cut

    Get a soft cheeky touch with bold edgy bangs.


  87. Pixie Crop
  88. Pixie Crop
    Pixie Crop

    Sweep your bangs to the side for summer.


  89. Choppy Layers
  90. Choppy Layers
    Choppy Layers

    For thin hair, try a choppy layer that extends on the jaw line.


  91. Fluffy Curls
  92. Fluffy Curls
    Fluffy Curls

    Get a symmetric centre-parted cut on your hair.


  93. Textured Pixie
  94. Michelle Williams inTextured Pixie
    Michelle Williams inTextured Pixie

    This is ideal for a chic short haircut.


  95. Pretty Waves
  96. Pretty Waves
    Pretty Waves

    Moderate layered waves will do look great for all face shape.


  97. Flowing Gorgeous Cut
  98. Flowing Gorgeous Cut
    Flowing Gorgeous Cut

    Captivate any guy with this hairstyle.


  99. Shag Short Hair Cut
  100. Shag Short Hair Cut
    Shag Short Hair Cut

    You’ll look impressive with this.


  101. Stylish Curls and Waves Haircut
  102. Illeana D’Cruz
    Illeana D’Cruz

    Get noticed by men with curls and waves on hair.


This summer, get stunning and bold with these stylish hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Girls.

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