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Blue dresses make a statement, whether they be navy, royal blue or a subtle baby blue, they are a great choice of garment colour, but the big question is how to wear your make-up to match? This article takes a look at some top tips on how to do your make up when you’re heading out in a pretty blue dress.

As blue dresses, especially royal blue, tend to be a stand out outfit, the key is to be subtle with your eye and lip make-up to compliment the look. If you prefer to make a bold statement, that is very possible with a blue dress as well.

So you have been shopping and picked out the perfect blue dress. Whether it is for a special occasion or a low-key day dress, blue is a fashionable colour. You will have picked out the style of the dress to compliment your body shape, skin tone and personality. The next bit is to make sure your make-up can match up too.

Makeup Ideas & Tips for Blue Dress

Preparation is Key

choosing makeup
choosing makeup

Before you start, have the dress close by as a point of reference. You could even take the dress with you as you go shopping for new make-up. You will need to check the colours of make-up such as eyeshadow and lipstick against the shade of blue dress you have picked out. As with any makeover, start by cleansing your face and moisturising. You need a clean base and some handy make-up remover wipes close by, in case of any errors. It might be a case of trial and error when you first start mixing and matching make-up with blue clothing. So grab your make-up bag and the dress and get to work!

General make-up For Blue Dress

General make-up for blue dress
General make-up for blue dress

Here’s the good news … the colour blue matches most skin tones, from pale to dark and freckles to clear complexions. It is a very versatile colour. This makes planning your make-up easier, as most styles will either make a statement or be subtle and effective. We like the motto … more is less, when it comes to matching make-up with a bold blue dress. If you are opting for a bright blue shade of dress, it is important to decide which part of your make-up you will focus your attention on – your eyes or lips. Making both a focal point is a no-no! Once you have decided, you can have some fun with your make-up style.


choosing Base for blue dress
choosing Base for blue dress

Pick a neutral base that matches your skin tone as closely as possible and try not to layer too much foundation or powder on the face. Blue is a strong look so you don’t want to cake your face in make up. A primer is a great, natural base. If you do prefer your base layer a little heavier, think about the colour of the blue in your dress. If you are opting for a brighter or bolder blue dress, you can afford to go a deeper orange/bronze with your base but if the dress is pale, keep the base light (think English rose).


choosing blush for blue dress
choosing blush for blue dress

Try to concentrate on either lips or eyes and leave the cheeks understated. If you choose a royal blue shade, don’t highlight your cheeks too much. Instead opt for a plum or touch of shimmer in your cheek make-up. Contouring your cheeks can be a great way to draw attention to them without overdoing the cheek make-up. If your dress is a paler shade of blue then baby pink, rose and other soft blush colours work well. Shimmery powder works a treat with all shades of blue and just a small amount can make a huge difference. Blue is quite a cool colour and can be ‘warmed up’ with some blush if you get the tone right. It can prevent you from looking washed out if you have paler skin. The key is to start with a small amount and build-up the look as you go. You can always add more if necessary.


What color of lipstick should you wear with blue dress


choosing lipstick for blue dress
choosing lipstick for blue dress

Coral lip colours suit all skin tones and all shades of blue dress, so that is a great starting point if you’re not sure which lip colour to choose or you only want to buy one lipstick to go with everything! Bright red lipstick looks great teamed with low-key eye make-up and any shade of blue dress if you have porcelain skin. If your skin is medium, try a pinker tone such as fuchsia. More olive skin tones can try a paler lip shade. The good thing about lipstick is that it can be applied last. Once you have the dress on and the make-up base sorted, experiment with lipstick shades to see which one suits the look the best. If your blue dress is dark in shade, try plums and deep reds/ Pale blue dresses will match a nude or pale pink lip. Get a lip liner to match the lipstick and finish with a lovely gloss. A bold blue dress doesn’t necessarily need a bold lip colour to match. Choose either statement eyes or lips, as we’ve already mentioned, and aim for a balanced overall look.

Eyeshadows for blue dress

Eyeshadows for blue dress
Eyeshadows for blue dress

If you want those eyes to ‘pop,’ go subtle with the lip colour. If opting for a royal blue dress, you can experiment with some exciting eye make-up techniques including glitter tips, cat eyes, eyeliner flicks and more. Most skin tones and blue dress colours will suit pink and brown eyeshadow colours. Neutral tones look great in the day and night and can be dressed up or down with eyeliner and mascara. If you want to turn heads, blue eyeshadow in the same shade as the blue in your dress will draw attention and can be effective if you opt for nude lips. You will need to be careful with this matching choice as it can look a bit like a costume if it is not done right.

Eye Makeup for blue dress

Silver eye make-up is a winner for royal blue dresses during the night time. Baby blue dresses would look great in matching sky blue eyeshadow or a pale pink or even white colour. Navy blue dresses should be teamed with browns or golds rather than colder colours such as silver. The great thing about navy is that it goes with lots of colours, and you can even use two or three colours within your eye make-up to create a really cool build-up look. Eyeliner looks great in navy blue, brown or black depending on your own eye colour and you can even go navy with the mascara to finish off your look. If you want your eyes to be the statement, opt for false lashes or a shimmer eyeshadow.


Confused between blue dress
Confused between blue dress

Colour overload? It can all be a little overwhelming if you are new to the colour blue. Blue is a bold and therefore tricky colour to match up. The best way to see what colours suit both your skin tone and the style and shade of your blue dress is to try them out. Take some time to experiment, look in the mirror and seek advice from people you trust. Testing out your make-up can be really good fun.

Back to some basics to remember. Blue is a cold colour. Colours that generally compliment blues are reds and oranges. Within this range of colours is anything from coral to peach and it will depend on factors such as your skin tone and type of dress as to which matches the best. Introducing blue make-up with a blue dress is a bold look and can be really effective, but take care not to over-do it. You can always mix and match as well. If your dress is blue and white, go blue and white with your eye colour or if your dress is mainly blue but has some orange or red, try bringing out those colours in your eye or lip shade.

Styling it out

women in 60's style blue dress
women in 60’s style blue dress

Your dress and make-up create a look. Blue is a popular colour for dresses as it doesn’t need lots of accessories to make you stand out. If the dress is in a 60s style, go 60s with the make-up. If the dress is elegant, then stay pretty and neutral with the make-up look. Have some fun with the colour blue and wear it for the day or dressed up to hit the town! Don’t forget the hair. A great blue dress, matching make-up and accessories can be finished off nicely with a good hair style.

So there we have it, blue dresses get the thumbs up from us whether it’s light or dark, mellow or bright and with a bit of playing around and following some of the colour chart guidelines in this article, you can have a finished look to be proud of. Have fun!

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