103 Beauty Tips & Tricks for your Face, Hair and Skin


In this roundup we cover the 103 best natural Beauty Tips & Tricks for fairness of your Face, Hair and Skin.

Every woman desires to unveil effective beauty secrets for a better appearance and higher confidence. Now that the world is filled with cosmetic products and treatments, there’s no question about the success of achieving a glamorous look. The celebrities don’t mind paying high amount for several operations just to maintain a healthy physical structure. On the other hand, there are consumers who cannot afford the luxurious treatments in the beauty care industry. Good thing, many specialists continue to discover beauty tips and tricks to help women on their goals. With these beauty tips, there is a guarantee that females can now cast their worries and insecurities away.

There are helpful beauty tips on how to take care of your face, hair, and skin properly:

Beauty Tips for Face

It is very essential for women to have awareness about the natural beauty tips. As they go outside, it is not enough that they have fashionable clothes, branded bags, and stylish shoes. Most women pay close attention on how their skin looks. Those items can be found on several malls but the great appearance of the body requires effort.

In making face young and fresh, these are the beauty tips that everyone should know:

  1. Remove makeup before going to bed. You must know that our skin also needs to breathe. If someone failed to remove makeup, the face will suffer in the long run.
  2. Style the hair first before applying makeup.
  3. For ingrown hair on the face, apply hot compress for opening the pores in 10 minutes.
  4. Keep your hands away from your face. You don’t need to touch your face from time to time.
  5. Use a cotton pad and enough amount of olive oil to eliminate the dirt on the face.
  6. Exfoliation is a must. Even once per week, it is ideal to exfoliate the skin for the removal of dead skin. If the routine is done accordingly, there is an assurance that your skin will appear to be brighter and glowing. The application of walnut powder and yogurt helps in exfoliating the skin.
  7. Get away from the sun. A sunscreen with SPF 15 is the best way to block the ultraviolet rays. According to studies, long exposure to the sun causes age spots and wrinkles.
  8. In choosing a sunscreen, it is important to look at the label read as “non-acnegenic” and “non-comedogenic”. By doing so, you will prevent yourself from blocking the pores.
  9. Do not expose your face under the extreme heat of the sun if you are using a peeling cream.
  10. Observe a disciplined diet. Let’s say that you are capable of buying any food on the grocery store. You can add plenty of chocolates, chips, and bottled drinks on your cart. Are you aware of the risks? Along your desire to satisfy your stomach, you should never forget about your skin.
  11. Low fats and sugar content must be absorbed by the body.
  12. Do not consume fermented, spicy, fried, and salty foods. The consumption of these foods may lead to undesirable diseases in the future.
  13. Choose vitamin C-rich foods if you want to achieve a radiant skin.
  14. Have enough hours of sleep. As you follow a good diet plan, it is equally necessary to give particular attention to your sleeping hours.
  15. For long exposure to computer and cellphones, don’t forget to rest your eyes. Just like humans, the eyes also get tired if they are no longer shut accordingly.
  16. Wash your face before you sleep. Instead of rushing into the bed to have a restful sleep, make sure that you make time on swashing your face.
  17. Forget about your bangs. It causes breakouts.
  18. Use mild cleansers and moisturizers which are suitable for your skin type.
  19. Stay hydrated. Eight hours of sleep is as important as eight glasses of water. In addition to water, there are fruits which contain high water content.
  20. If you are not good at drinking a pure crystal clear liquid, watermelon, grapefruit, strawberry, and cucumber are also alternatives.
  21. Strive to aim for an acne-free face. Among the existing acne solutions, it is still preferable to wash face with warm water for more than twice per day.
  22. Massage the face through circular motions. Popping out your pimples won’t help on killing these red spots instantly. This will simply lead to scarring, swelling, and redness.
  23. Wear the right face mask. You don’t actually need to go to luxurious spa centers just to pamper yourself. The application of fresh cherries on the face is enough to moisturize the skin. Similarly, doing a gentle massage with healthy oils will also be helpful.
  24. Always prefer natural products over those options with high chemical content.
  25. Don’t hesitate to sweat. It may sound cliché for people but a regular exercise is very important. Examples of good exercises are in forms of yoga, running, and jogging. After the workouts, you will observe that your face glows like a magic. The cleansing will also reach the other areas of the body.
  26. The application of skincare products also comes with restrictions. If not required, do not put makeup on your face.
  27. Read the labels of the skincare products you buy. Look for the ingredients which comprise them.
  28. Using a toner helps in minimizing excessive oil production. You can proceed with exfoliation after the vigorous exercise.
  29. Ignore the warm water on your shower.
  30. Apply a moisturizer before you get out of the shower room.
  31. Use a clean and soft towel when drying your skin.
  32. Always keep the face clean. This will prevent infection.
  33. Acknowledge the power of cleansing.
  34. For making the skin fairer, include shell fishes and non-fat milk on your diet.
  35. Wash your face as you start and end the day.

All the above mentioned face care beauty tips must never be overlooked by women. They will have positive effects on the face and the entire skin if followed accordingly.

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Beauty Tips for Skin

Aside from giving attention to your face, it is ideal to deal with the entire skin. Certainly, you already know that people will not simply look at your face. It is a natural habit for some people to stop and stare from head to toe. Beauty tips for fairness will make women more confident in the long run. There’s no more worry that you may receive criticism and negative comments.

Here are the tips for having a clearer and radiant skin:

  1. Have a great skin diet. Be guided with the concept that your skin is a reflection of what you eat. When some tissues are damaged, it is important that they are restored immediately. By simply eating fruits and vegetables, there is an assurance that you will be privileged with a healthy skin.
  2. Build a wall to the dangerous vices. You might be tempted of drinking too much alcohol or smoke several packs of cigarettes. Being attached with these negative habits will lead to fast skin aging.
  3. Don’t forget to change the bed sheets and pillow cover frequently. You must be aware that there might be dirt, grime, and oil on your pillow after using it for a long period of time.
  4. Hide your hair back before you sleep. The hair must never cover your face at night. Acne will bother you soon if you ignore this tip.
  5. Prefer organic and herbal products over the chemical-rich ones. This will make you far from the possibility of damaging your skin. There are chemicals which brings harm on the skin.
  6. Get away from laser treatments and other risky operations. If the skin is exposed to radiation and excessive heat, there is a tendency for it to become dry and dull-looking.
  7. Don’t be easily stressed by negative circumstances. Whenever you encounter problems and issues, it is not good to be too sensitive. As a mature person, you are expected to think and act according to your long existence.
  8. With the use of a natural scrubber, massage the skin.
  9. Take note of your regular exercise.
  10. Consider a salicylic acid wash during your shower.
  11. Use rosewater to calm skin irritation.
  12. Avoid smoking.
  13. Store Benzoyl peroxide properly to maintain its ingredients active.
  14. For dry skin, use a face oil instead of lotion.
  15. Look for products with goat’s milk to avoid irritation.
  16. Don’t be overwhelmed by the myth that a chocolate is the main cause of acne.
  17. Get away from skincare product with high alcohol content.
  18. Do not buy skincare products with fragrance.
  19. Use milk for making your skin smooth.
  20. Coconut oil would help in moisturizing the skin.
  21. Mix baking soda and coconut oil to come up with a facial scrub.
  22. Surprisingly, wine is also good for skin protection. Drink moderately.
  23. Green tea is ideal for fighting bacteria.
  24. Use products with tree tea oil as an acne treatment option.
  25. For healing the scars, prefer products with vitamin E or simply consume nutritious foods.
  26. Heavy cream is for winter and moisturizer for summer.
  27. Use retinoid at night for stopping acne.
  28. Try yoga exercises for utmost relaxation.
  29. Know your skin type to choose the best treatment.
  30. In summer, lessen the number of skincare products you use.
  31. Wear a smile and don’t be too serious. Positive emotions will help you relax.
  32. On some people, Botox will work for acne prevention.
  33. Forget about the greasy effect of sunscreen. This product will help you a lot.
  34. Think before you add skincare products on your cart. Always consider the content.

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Beauty Tips for Hair

The hair is considered as an asset of a person, especially a woman. It is usually the mostly noticed part so it must also be part of your beauty care concerns. These are the tips that you must consider:

  1. Resist the temptation of coloring your hair frequently. At first, it is overwhelming to see your hair on a different color. There are times when you get bored of how your hair looks.
  2. Always use shampoo and conditioner. You may already know this tip because you are doing this every day. Just make sure that your shampoo and conditioner is suitable for the type of hair you have.
  3. Consider a healthy diet. Just like the previously mentioned tips, healthy diet is also a requirement on keeping the hair growth impressive.
  4. Vitamin A is a very necessary nutrient as it improves the shiny and smooth touch of hair.
  5. Drinking plenty of water also make the hair healthy.
  6. Choose natural hair treatment for a dry hair. Aloe Vera is a popular treatment for damaged hair. It had proven that it is not yet late to boost hair volume. Many people were satisfied on the effective results of aloe Vera.
  7. Always have a peaceful sleep. If you want to wear a hair of an optimistic person, do your best to comply with the 8-hour sleep requirement. This will surely assist you on anticipating for the best result.
  8. Don’t be addicted on combing your hair when still wet. Due to hurry that someone may arrive late at the office, many would just comb their hair too fast. Consequently, the hair tends to be broken and damaged. Being harsh to your hair will give you the appearance that you will never like. If you don’t have any appointment for the day, just allow your hair to dry naturally. Then, you can comb it to fight its messy look.
  9. Do not pluck gray hair. The use of tweezers is not ideal due to the potential pain it may give. Plucking usually cause damage to the hair follicle.
  10. Say no to warm water when washing your hair. If you attempt to use hot water for washing your hair, regret will be your companion. The tips of the hair are subject to damage if not handled well.
  11. Make sure that your scalp is oil-free and clean. Washing the hair frequently is an essential tip because our hair is obviously connected with the scalp. When the hair became oily, it is subject to more dust and dirt exposure. However, the natural oil must still be retained on the scalp.
  12. The egg and avocado combination could be applied to your hair.
  13. Use a vinegar mixture to your scalp.
  14. With your shampoo, mix an egg.
  15. Coat your hair with mayonnaise for at least one hour.
  16. Use condensed milk as an alternative to conditioner.
  17. Aloe Vera gel (2 ounces) and olive oil (2 ounces) with six drops of rosemary will soften your hair.
  18. Take 1-3 capsules (250 milligrams) of flaxseed oil, borage oil, and evening primrose.
  19. Squeeze lemon juice directly on your hair.
  20. Mix alum and honey. Then, use shampoo.
  21. Say yes to botanical oils.
  22. For thick hair, use coconut oil.
  23. Olive oil and sandalwood works together.
  24. Combine an ordinary shampoo with essential oils.
  25. Limit the use of hair spray.
  26. Wrap your wet hair in a towel in a gentle manner.
  27. Monitor hair loss after your shower. Excessive hair loss is not anymore healthy.
  28. Style your hair when it’s already dry.
  29. For gray hair, use a blue-colored shampoo.
  30. If you want instant highlights, apply enough amount of champagne.
  31. Shampoo is for the roots of hair and conditioner is for the tips.
  32. Use humidifier for your hair during a cold weather.
  33. Do not tie your hair when it’s still wet.
  34. Do not overuse your styling gel.

Do you want to get far from stress and close to a youthful appearance? You should start with those aspects which are easily noticed by other people. Specifically, try to be attentive on your face, hair, and skin. Nothing is impossible if you handle your own actions. Obeying the needs of your body will give you a guarantee of the best care. For a skin that stands out among the rest, be consistent on doing the right things.

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11 Unique Natural Beauty Tips for Face, Hair and Skin

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