23 Plus Size Fashion Trends,Tips and Advice for 2021

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2021 is here and it is time to move on from those last year trends. So, now the question is: what are the plus size fashion trends for 2021? We have compiled for you 23 plus size fashion tips and advice to make 2021 a great year for you!

Over the past 2 years, the fashion of plus sized women has really evolved. A number of designers and huge brands are now launching plus size clothing lines on every season. Gone is the era when it was believed that plus sized women should only wear black all the time or wear loose clothes so that their body remains hidden.

  1. Boyfriend or skinny jeans!
  2. These two are my favorite and they look really amazing on plus size women. Don’t let people tell you that plus sized women are not supposed to wear skinny or boyfriend jeans because that is totally not true. Make sure that you have a few pairs of these jeans in your closet so that you can look stylish and good.


  1. Contrasting color combinations
  2. : Wearing color contrasting outfits is among plus size fashion trends for 2021. You have the right to wear any color you want, so no need to stick to black. Make use of color contrasting combinations in your outfits for a really fashionable look.


  1. Bright colors:
  2. Yes, bright colors are in for 2021! If you have a look at the recent fashion shows, the designers dressed the models in bright and rich colors, so you should follow this trend during 2021. Have a little fun with your outfits and incorporate as much bright colors as you can. Colors like coral, red, burgundy and blue; they are perfect for spring and summer time.


  1. Dress for your body shape:
  2. This is the most important fashion advice for 2021. Remember that there are variations in the body shape of plus sized women as well, so be aware of what works for your body.

  3. Emphasize on your assets:
  4. Admit it, as a plus sized woman you have a very curvy body. Determine which part of your body you like the most and wear clothes which emphasize that certain body part.


  1. Pencil skirts:
  2. It seems that pencil skirts are never going to go out of style. They are a classic wardrobe essential for 2021. Try going for bright colored pencil skirts as they are really in style this year.


  1. Accessorize your outfits:
  2. This is something that a lot of plus sized women ignore. They don’t try to add accessories into their outfits because they believe that accessories will draw more attention to their body. Stop thinking that way because you have every right to wear anything you desire. Just choose the ones that go with your body shape and personality.


  1. Choose the right undergarments:
  2. No doubt, your undergarments have the power to make or break your outfit.


  1. Flared skirts till the knee:
  2. Go for the right colors when wearing such skirts.

  3. Original prints:
  4. Designers this wear are recommending plus sized women to go all out and wear these prints.

  5. Knee length dresses:
  6. They are classic and come in different styles and colors.


  1. Get the right fit:
  2. Don’t be afraid to wear tight fitting clothes because there is no reason for you to hide your beautiful body.

  3. Get your clothes tailored:
  4. Clothing sizes vary, so make sure to get it tailored if it doesn’t fit you. Wearing clothes that are loose or baggy does not look appealing at all.

  5. Go for bold shoe choices:
  6. A statement pair of shoes is what every plus sized woman needs. Moreover, it will help you feel fabulous and confident.

  7. Play around with your makeup:
  8. Don’t put all the effort into just your outfits. Spend some time doing makeup and trying different hairstyles because these two things help in making you look more appealing.

  9. Go for the right fabrics:
  10. Always remember to invest you money in high quality and structured fabrics. Silk, cotton and chiffon are excellent choice for plus sized women.


  1. Forget all those do’s and don’ts about plus sized women:
  2. Plus size fashion tips 2021 also include that you wear what makes you look good and feel comfortable. Don’t listen to what people have to say and try out all those fashion trends which look good on you.


  1. Buy the right size for your body:
  2. A lot of plus sized women buy clothes that are a size smaller because they hope to fit in it someday. When you do this, it brings down your confident. Remember to always buy clothes that fit you right now. Having goals is good, but sometimes it is better to live in the present and appreciate what you have.


  1. Lace dresses:
  2. These dresses are classic and perfect for formal occasions. Lace dresses will make you look sexy and sophisticated.

  3. Cropped blouses:
  4. A number of clothing stores have a collection of cropped blouses for plus sized women. Pair these with high waisted pencil skirts and you have a killer outfit in only a matter of minutes.


  1. Bootcut jeans:
  2. 2021 is going to be about taking inspiration from the 70’s, so bootcut jeans are going to be really popular this year. For all those plus sized women who don’t want to wear skinny jeans should go for this trend instead. Or, you can go for both as well.


  1. Be confident about your body:
  2. The most important fashion tip for 2021 is to feel confident about your body and love it just the way it is. If you don’t do this, other won’t either.


  1. Trend thoughtfully:
  2. The last fashion tip for you is to remember that every trend is not meant for everybody. As a plus sized women, you need to think about which trend will compliment your curves and make you look good!

These are all the plus size fashion tips for you right now. Make sure to keep them in mind so that you can have an amazing year while looking super stylish and trendy!

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