Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Benefits & Side Effects

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Supermarkets and salon shelves are stocked full of products that claim to strengthen your hair, protect the color or leave it feeling silky soft. However, there are lots of natural (and cheaper) ways to get your locks looking great. One of the most popular is the mayonnaise hair treatment or mayonnaise hair mask . Lots of people rave about mayo as one of the home remedies for hair growth and how great this natural conditioner can be. Here we will explain why you should treat your hair with mayonnaise as even 30 minutes of mayonnaise hair mask can work wonders

What is Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise refers to the emulsion primarily delivered by the drizzling oil into either whole eggs or egg yolks with seasoning as well as whisking right until its blend thickens.

What does mayo do for your hair

Mayonnaise hair mask is not only very safe to utilize, inexpensive and natural but also based on the good science.When treating your own hair with mayonnaise, you will definitely get countless benefits because of the L-cysteine, amino acid which is a powerful antioxidant mainly found in eggs. This could provide your hair with structure, shine, and most of all strength. In addition to that L-cysteine found in Mayonnaise not only makes up about 18% of one’s hair but is also a substance which helps in keratin-forming, which in the first place is responsible for increasing the hair shaft as well as the density of hair growth. You can try mayonnaise that is packed with the hair-nourishing egg yolks in order to stimulate hair growth.

Does mayo in hair really work

There are lots of people who swear by the mayo hair treatment. The results show that it does leave your hair feeling smooth and silky to the touch and feeling in better condition.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask: How to Do Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

When it comes to any hair treatment, preparation is key. Hair masks can get messy so don’t dive in without getting organized first.
What Do You Need?
1 cup mayonnaise & 20 minutes of your time

  1. If applying to dry hair, simply mix your mayo mask with vanilla extract and smother all over your dry, unwashed hair from the roots to the end. Work the mixture into particularly dry bits, such as the ends of the hair. This is where most split ends happen. You will probably want an old shirt or a towel around your neck in case of spillages.
  2. The other method is to apply the mayonnaise to damp hair (not soaking wet). Coat the hair strands and massage for a few minutes. Aim for about a cup of mayonnaise.
  3. It is best to leave the mayo mask in for at least 20 minutes to work its magic. Anything between 10 and 30 minutes works but try not to rinse it out too soon or leave it on for ages.
  4. Simply pile your hair high on your head and wrap some clingfilm / cellophane wrap or shower cap around the hair tightly. Your head generates lots of heat and the wrap traps the heat in, helping the mask to absorb quicker and deeper. Better still, add a warm towel on top of this to keep it all in place … and relax while it gets to work. This is the time to grab a book, light some candles, play some relaxing music and put your feet up (a bit of YOU time). Some people choose to blow some warm air from the hairdryer or sit with their head close to a radiator to help generate more heat. Heat helps the mixture penetrate the hair strands deeply.
  5. The rinsing stage is probably the most important. Any mayo left in your hair will leave it looking limp and greasy. It needs to be rinsed thoroughly with a small amount of diluted shampoo. If you think there may be some mayonnaise residue left after a rinse, rinse again! This treatment works well when used once a month to every 6 weeks.

If you are among the many people who are still wondering what does mayonnaise do for your hair, here are the 11 amazing benefits of mayonnaise hair treatment, which in turn will help you decide to use this right after reading this.

Types of Mayonnaise Hair Mask

    1. Mayonnaise And Egg Hair Mask:

      Mix 2 Eggs and 5 table spoons of Mayonnaise to make this

    2. Mayonnaise And Honey Hair Mask

      Combine 1 table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with 2 table spoons of Honey and Half a cup of Mayonnaise

    3. Mayonnaise And Olive Oil Hair Mask

      Mix Half a cup of Mayonnaise with Half a cup of Olive Oilto make this

    4. Mayonnaise And Avocado Hair Mask

      Combine Half a cup of ripe Avacado with 1 cup of Mayonnaise

    5. Mayonnaise And Coconut Oil Hair Mask

      Combine 4 table spoon of Mayonnaise with 2 table spoon of Coconut Oil and an addon of 1 table spoon of olive oil and left for 30 minutes

    6. Mayonnaise And Banana Hair Mask

      Mix 2 table spoon of Mayonnaise with 1 table spoon of olive oil and 2 ripe Bananas to make this mask

    7. Mayonnaise And Strawberry Hair Mask

      Combine 3 table spoon of Mayonnaise 8 strawberries left for 20 minutes

    8. Mayonnaise And Lemon Hair Mask

      Mix 2 table spoon of Mayonnaise with 1 table spoon of lemon juice and 1 whole egg to make this mask

 Benefits of Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

Some of the main benefits of  Mayonnaise hair mask include:

  1. Moisturising (conditioning)
  2. Protection (replenishes damaged hair)
  3. Prevents breakages (strengthens)
  4. Restores the natural pH balance of the hair (thanks to the vinegar).
  5. Boosts the hair’s shine.
  6. Softens the hair.
  7. Fortify the hair.
  8. Makes the hair even more manageable and silky.
  9. Removes Dandruff
  10. Avoid split ends.
  11. Keeps the hair glossy.
  12. Makes the hair straighter.
  13. Kill lice in the head.

A lot of people believe that the egg ingredient in mayonnaise helps strengthen hair follicles due to the protein in it. While it may help to some degree, the main benefit of using a natural mayonnaise hair mask is actually to help leave your hair feeling soft and smooth and looking shiny. Mayonnaise is full of amino acids and natural oils. If you look at the list of ingredients used to make a simple mayo, most are hair-friendly – from eggs to oils. They help add nutrients to the hair cuticle and act as a seal to lock in moisture.

Store bought v home made mayonnaise

It might be tempting to head to your nearest store and pick up a jar of mayonnaise. However, a lot of shop mayo has added preservatives to help maintain its shelf life. Natural mayonnaise is easy to make yourself at home, not only for your meals but also for your hair! All you need is eggs, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) and a touch of coconut oil.

  1. Crack the egg and use the egg yolk (the orange bit).
  2. Put it into a mixing bowl along with half a cup of extra virgin olive oil (aim for good quality and organic oil)
  3. Mix thoroughly using a wooden spoon or a blender.
  4. Add a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and if you like, a small amount of coconut oil
  5. As you mix, you should see the consistency thicken and change to mayo
  6. Add a drop of vanilla extract to help the treatment smell nicer

Experiments in Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

You can add some ingredients to your mayonnaise hair mask for extra benefits to your mane. These include avocado, almond oil, honey, coconut oil or olive oil. Have a look online and experiment with some fun and natural homemade beauty treatments. Why not invite a few friends over for a pamper party?

Side Effects of Mayonnaise Hair Mask

A mayo mask is a cheap and effective way to add moisture to your hair the natural way. However, there are a few things to be aware of:

Some people are allergic to eggs or olive oil so ensure that you are not before you use it. It might be worth doing a skin allergy/reaction test on a patch of skin first if you are unsure.

If you choose to buy a jar of mayo from the supermarket as opposed to making your own, opt for full fat versions and try and look for one with the least additives/preservatives.

Any mayo left on your hair and not rinsed out properly can leave it looking lank and greasy. Don’t put too much mayo on your hair, especially if it is short. A little goes a long way. 

Top tips for Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

If you have any leftover mayo, whack it on your face … as well as a hair mask, it makes for a great moisturiser for your skin and helps treat wrinkles!

Is Mayonnaise good for your hair

Mayonnaise in hair is good for you if you are aiming for a softer and shinier looking hair but is not as effective for stopping hair breakage.


There are so many products on sale that help various ‘hair ailments’ but many of them have lots of harsh ingredients and chemicals in them. Styling products in themselves can harm your hair. Mayo hair treatments are super cheap, safe and natural. What’s more, they are packed full of antioxidants and conditioning ingredients (natural) that can really give your hair a boost, helping it look shiny and strong. There is something quite satisfying about making your own mayonnaise (saving lots of money and knowing what is included in it), pampering yourself with a home treatment and being proud of the results! As far as a natural home treatment goes, the mayonnaise hair mask is one of the top on the list!


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