11 Most Beautiful Roses in the World :Black & Red Roses with Pictures

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Red roses are undeniably one of girl’s favorite flowers. There is no doubt why almost all men prefer to consider giving roses to their valued and loved woman of their life. We present to you a collection of most beautiful roses n the world with pictures.
For no apparent reason, red roses can really enliven the heart of every woman out there while making her beautiful upon receiving red roses. This kind of rose is also common to all in spite of the different variety that you may found in a rose. But, you will surely be amazed if you will know that roses do come also in black color. Yes, you heard it right. There are also black roses existing in this world.

Black rose can fascinate rose lovers and even gardeners brought by its unusual look as well as color. A black rose is darker on its bud stage, yet transform to dark red color as it blooms. Its petals of black rose are tinged with velvety sheen and black color to it.

The meaning of black rose is normally mistaken with red roses due to the red color that it has. Black roses are not associated with death, yet it is distinguished for sadness and mourning, endings and farewells or even the end of a certain relationship. Some of the black roses consider this as representation for start or rebirth of something while some signifies this as obsession.

Most Beautiful Roses in the World: Black & Red Roses with Pictures

  1. Black Velvet Rose:
  2. Black Velvet Rose

    Black Velvet Rose

    This is a big flower of hybrid tea rose having a shrub that bears a single flower on its stem while its big buds opens until it reveals the large semi-double deep black color blooms. Its flower has dark leathery green foliage of green leaves. It has a great smell, which is normally used in perfumery industry that blooms each year during summer until the fall season.

  3. Black Magic Rose:
  4. Black magic rose

    Black magic rose

    This is considered as most well-known red rose in present market. It looks so appealing having a deep velvety red petal. Its petals have fully doubled and thick. The bloom that it gives shows singly in every stem that makes it so attractive for cut flower. Its foliage is dark and beautiful. This gives heavenly smell that makes it ideal in planting. It is also considered as farewell and departure symbol. As it is placed under dim lights, its flowers appear to be truly black in color.

  5. Black Jade Rose:

    Black Jade Rose

    Black Jade Rose

    This is a red rose that turns black during summer season. This is best grown because it can manage against any type of climate. It opens up to bright golden stamens, reveal attractive petals that looks beautiful when in contrast to its blackish and very dark petals. Its foliage is glossy and dark in color.

  7. Black Baccara Rose:
  8. Black Baccara Rose

    Black Baccara Rose

    This is a hybrid of tea rose, which is a perfect cut for any flower arrangements. This flower exists in the year 2005 after an extensive research. Inspite of its odourless, it will surely give you a beautiful look. It will give you a very dark color if it is fully unfurl while taking beautiful deep kind of red color. Its blooms slowly open while showing for deep color of black shadings.

  9. Black Beauty Rose:
  10. Black Beauty Rose

    Black Beauty Rose

    Its young bud together with reverse petals appears to be velvety dark blackish color red. Its flower opens to burgundy deep shade. This has very mild smell while giving vibrant color of cut flower that will surely allow for creating any flower decoration.

  11. Black Cherry Rose:
  12. Black Cherry Rose

    Black Cherry Rose

    This belongs to the heirloom family that obtain its name from large, nearly black blooms, which look like cherry red. Its flower has deep red burgundy with fully double size. It does not have any fragrance and is perfect in cutting flower arrangement.

  13. Black Ice:
  14. Black Ice rose

    Black Ice rose

    Black Ice goes to modern cluster of flowered type of Floribunda Rose. Its bud has a very dark red color of red shadings that looks like black colored type of rose. It also comes in glossy green type of foliage that looks so attractive with its red flower. This kind of rose blooms each year of summer until fall.

  15. Halfeti Black Rose:
  16. Halfeti Black Rose

    Halfeti Black Rose

    This is a seasonal type of black rose that only grows during summer for small number only. It blooms dark red in color every spring while it also fades to its black color every summer of the month. This normally used as props in movies when it comes to black magic and witches.

  17. Basyes Black Rose:
  18. Basyes Black Rose

    Basyes Black Rose

    This blooms throughout growing season of single, large flowers of velvety color. This can create an erect, thick with rough foliage and prickly canes. It has a great scent that every girl would surely love to smell while making them want to receive this red rose for their special occasion.

  19. Brilliant Veranda:
  20. Brilliant Veranda rose

    Brilliant Veranda rose

    This can be considered as best for veranda series with a very full flower and are intensely showy such as coral beacon. Its petals are sturdy until 3 feet considering this as perfect plant container, which is useful in mixed planting.

  21. Chrysler Imperial:
  22. Chrysler Imperial rose

    Chrysler Imperial rose

    This is considered as one of the 1st roses involved in promotional marketing for consumer product. It has long, lovely painted buds that open into globular flowers of a dark velvety red. This also contains strong, citrus kind of scent and a must try for your flower arrangements and you will surely enjoy its heavenly fragrance and striking color.

You may found it amazing and a bit surprising to know that there are black and red roses as with the above mentioned roses. Good thing that you landed in this page and you will surely want to see for yourself this kind of roses. It can be a bit awkward to give a person you love this kind of rose but you may consider this as display in your house if you want people to stimulate curiosity of people. It may be hard to find some of this kind of rose, but if you really are interested surfing the net will be of great essence.

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