21 Cute Baby Girl & Baby Boy Hairstyles

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Most Working or busy moms find it hard to manage their kid’s long tresses but we are here to help you in this piece we will help you by suggesting baby hairstyles for baby  girls and baby boys, baby hairstyles for curly hair, toddler hairstyles, and black baby hairstyles

 Frizz, tangles, dry hair and lice are hard to manage considering your kid’s active lifestyle. A lot of parents resort to the convenience of short hairstyles for kids. On the other hand, in recent times, the test or challenge has been to come up with stylish hairstyles that are easily manageable and whilst being within the standards of school dress code. Keep in mind that a lot of schools have a clear guide or instruction on how the hair has to be worn. So, do not stress yourself. Just keep on reading to see what remarkable options you have for your little princess or little prince. In spite of the texture and hair type your kids have, there is always an amazing haircut for kids that will go along with him or her.

Baby Girl Hairstyle

Baby Girl Hairstyles

Little girls are simply young girls and loveliness matters cannot be far-off to them, regardless of the tender age. Girls show remarkable interest in the dresses as well as makeup kits of their parents. They try to copy the whole thing what see. Hairstyle for girls provides a huge room for creativity. Cute buns, playful braids, frisky pigtails as well as natural looking loose hairstyles could be extremely ornate. Girls have more variety than boys when it comes to hairstyles.

  1. Pixie Cut :
  2. Pixie cut is a short baby hairstyle which can be stylized with the use of a razor finish to provide a sharp look.  Based on preferences, you can put in layers to get bounce and volume.

    pixie cut for baby girl hairstyle

    pixie cut for a baby girl

  3. Braided Hairstyle with Side Bun:
  4.  This complicated-looking hairstyle for girls is obtained through making 6 braids out of the lower hair. Pair them by twos. Next, brush the remaining hair to other side. Pull the braid up from the neck nape up to the right corner. You can lock the remaining hair using a colorful hair accessory.

    Braided Hairstyle with Side Bun

    Braided Hairstyle with Side Bun

  5. Braided Crown: 
  6. Adorable and sweet for both a day at school and a formal event, this hairstyle for girls is dolled up with an addition of pastel bow. This is a cute hairstyle and works best on thick, long hair as sufficient length as well as the texture is necessary to work transversely the head to keep it locked.

    braided crown hair style baby girl

    braided crown hair style baby girl

  7. Blunt Style: 
  8. This hairstyle is normally shoulder length, but you can decide on a short blunt style where the cut ends a bit below the ears. This is a simple hairstyle that could be stylized through adding fringes.

    blunt hair style for baby girl

    blunt hair style for baby girl

  9. Braided Pigtails: 
  10. This hairstyle is both common with teenage girls and little girls. The younger version of this style involves combing hair smoothly prior to working into a good braid on every side. Put in some ribbons or any other hair accessories to complete the look.  You need time to finish this hairstyle and it is hard to do so as well.

    braided pigtails

    braided pigtails

  11. Fancy Hairstyle with Braids: 
  12. Fancy hairstyle with braids

    Fancy hairstyle with braids

    This is a remarkable hairstyle for girls that take account of decorative braids. For this hairstyle, 3 braids are made beginning at the hairline, joining as one for a middle height ponytail.

  13. Basket Weave Hairstyle: 
  14. Basket Weave Hairstyle

    Basket Weave Hairstyle

    This shoulder length hairdo will be perfect with your little angel. You can use hair elastics for carefree and colorful styles which will hold throughout the day.

    Baby Girl Hairstyles For Curly Hair

  15. High Ponytail for Curl Hair: 
  16. High Ponytail for Curl Hair

    High Ponytail for Curl Hair

    Curly hair has a life of its own. However, it could make your little one cry and sulk during the hot season. With this hairstyle, your baby will have a comfortable and warm day. Sweep his or her curly hair up and then tie at the top using a colorful ribbon.

  17. Ribbon Headband for Super-Curly Hair: 
  18. Ribbon Headband for Super-Curly Hair

    Ribbon Headband for Super-Curly Hair

    There are not many hairstyles for kids with curly hair, especially if her hair is not that long. In case your kid has short and super curly hair, this hairstyle may work. You can obtain this look by using pomade for kids and a headband.

  19. Knotty Hair Headband: 
  20. Knotty Hair Headband

    Knotty Hair Headband

    This can be obtained by turning and going straight back rather than through from ear to ear.

  21. Lovely Twist: 
  22. Lovely Twist hairstyle

    Lovely Twist hairstyle

    Perhaps one day she will sport a Mohawk but for now, your lovely girl looks gorgeous and cute with a feminine coif which includes braids, ponytails, and buns.

  23. Braided Hairstyle for Curly Hair: 
  24. braided hairstyle for curly hair

    braided hairstyle for curly hair

    Kids often have a strong opinion about their hair, deciding on a natural hairstyle. A complicated braided hairstyle is a remarkable and exciting style. Curly hair could be stylized in many ways.

    Black Baby Hairstyles

  25. Center parting with Bows: 
  26. Center parting curly hair with bows

    Center parting curly hair with bows

    A lot of African babies boast lovely and beautiful natural curls. You can style them by creating a mid-parting into her bangs and pinning every side with colorful clips. Let the remaining hair keep its kinks and waves for a sweet and simple look.

  27. Braided Curls Hairstyle: 
  28. Braided Curls Hairstyle

    Braided Curls Hairstyle

    Little one’s hairstyles aren’t just for girls with straight and smooth hair. Small black girls, as well as other ethnicities that have thick, coarse hair, could benefit from this hairstyle. Braided curls are ideal for hot weather or fancy events.

    Baby Hairstyles

    Baby Boy Hairstyle

    It is highly recommended that you select a short to medium length hairstyle for boys. Choosing a long length hairstyle for your little boy might hinder him from doing or enjoying activities.  Here are the top hairstyles for toddlers.

  29. Army Cut: 
  30. Army Cut Baby Boy hairstyle

    Army Cut Baby Boy hairstyle

    This is considered as the best hairstyle to beat the hot season. Army cut is very short wherein the length of your hair is less than an inch. If your little ones love WWW, then coax him into this hairstyle citing renowned wrestlers like John Cena.

    Toddler Hairstyles

  31. Classic Style: 
  32. Classic Style Toddler Baby Boy hairstyle

    Classic Style Toddler Baby Boy hairstyle

    Classic style is a cute hairstyle for toddlers. It’s not too short and it’s not too dull or boring as well. This haircut will keep your kid tidy and neat.

  33. Side Sweep: 
  34. Side Sweep haircut for toddler baby boys

    Side Sweep haircut for toddler baby boys

    This kind of hairstyle for boys has been increasing common with young boys. The hair is brushed towards one side covering the face and leaving just a bit of strand to the other part.

  35. Mushroom Hairstyle: 
  36. Mushroom Hairstyle for Baby Boys

    Mushroom Hairstyle for Baby Boys

    This is a short crop style that has 2 layers at the top. This can be stylized through making designs and waves toward the neck with trimmers.

  37. Spikes: 
  38. Spikes Baby Boy Hairstyle

    Spikes Baby Boy Hairstyle

    This could be designed in different versions wherein you need a buzz cut with front spikes all over. Keep in mind that this could be obtained with the use of gels and hair sprays, so try keeping the hair short in order to get the desired effect.

  39. Mohawk: 
  40. Mohawk baby Boy hair Style

    Mohawk baby Boy hair Style

    Although your little one doesn’t have long hair, he can still choose this fashionable hairstyle. Simply keep the hair longer at the crown. This trendy hairstyle isn’t just for kids, but also ideal for grownups.

  41. Comb Down: 
  42. Comb Down Baby Boy Hair Style

    Comb Down Baby Boy Hair Style

    This is the simplest hairstyle for toddlers that you could get. It is obtained through just cutting the hair and then combing and brushing it in the way which suits your kid’s hair type as well as personality.

You can continually innovate with your little one’s hairstyles to keep them pleased and trendy. Just make sure that the haircut is easy to uphold and your little one is contented and relaxed with his/her look.

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