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Messy Hairstyles for Men

Being attractive is not just about wearing the right clothes. You need to have the right attitude and hair as well. Messy hairstyles for men are one of the hottest styles of the year. This straight-out-of-the-bed hairstyle not only looks cool, but is also low-maintenance. Here’s a list of messy hairstyles men that you should try out in 2017

Messy Hairstyles For Short Hair


Modern Mohawk:

Modern Mohawk Hairstyles MenIf you’re looking for messy hairstyles for short hair, you want to try the modern Mohawk. The neck-length tail and narrowly tapered sides create a romantic appeal.

Short Sides and Tousled Top:

This hairstyle is the epitome of sexy. The tousled hair on top and the way the hair falls just above the brow bone is very appealing

Short Layered Waves:

The choppy layers and stiff waviness simply look cool.

Refined Faux-Hawk

The hair is quite long at the top and shorter on the sides. Since the length difference is not too great, this hairstyle is a good option for those who are looking for messy hairstyles for short hair.

Short and Slanted Style

The short, spiked strands combed in a slanting direction look stylish and funky.

Choppy Parted Curls

While parting the hair to the side and tucking it behind the ears makes it formal, the messy curls make this hairstyle casual. In other words, this hairstyle is the perfect combination of casualness and formality.

Volume on Top and Buzzed Sides

This hairstyle is simple, but creates the impression that you have a sweet and comforting personality with its short cut sides and slightly feathered top..

Messy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Men_Shaggy_HairstyleSide Swept Shag

One of the best messy hairstyles for medium hair is the side swept shag. This hairstyle draws attention to the face and emphasizes the jaw line.

Medium-Long Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

This hairstyle makes one look inviting. It’s a pleasant hairstyle that is enough to make girls comfortable with you.

Low Ponytail

Tying your hair in a low ponytail creates a strong, but tidy look.

Spiked 90’s High-Top:

The way the strands fall in every direction is just appealing. This hairstyle will show both your laid-back and hidden wild side.

Silver Combed Back Layered Curls

This hairstyle is seen as a physical symbol of wisdom. Older men can wear their natural hair without any dye and comb it back.

Curls and Dark Hue

With its dark hue and charming curls, this hairstyle is just perfect for those who are looking for messy hairstyles for medium hair.

Wet and Wild

This hairstyle makes one look carefree. It also gives the illusion that the person is sporty as the hair looks wet and wild.

Spiked Hair on Top with Tapered Sides and Long Bangs

Show your boldness with this hairstyle. Long bangs, buzzed sides and heavy layering show that you want to be unique.

Straight Spiked Faux-Hawk

Straight spiked faux-hawk offers the perfect blend of style as well as edge. Wear a graphic tee or a blazer and your look is complete.

Box Top

This hairstyle is perfect for men with a round face as it makes the face look longer and slimmer. The box top haircut also draws attention to the bone structure and defines your appearance.

Messy Bun

The messy bun is easy to do and has a great impact on women.

Tapered Back with Long Bangs

Those who want a unique haircut can try this hairstyle. The tapered back and long bangs frame the face while keeping a light feeling at the same time.

Feathered Ombre  

With the gradient effect of the dye job, this hairstyle will bring out your eye color.


Shaggy hairstyles have been popular since the 1970s. Whether you want a little more style or you prefer the straight-out-of-the-bed look, this hairstyle is very versatile.

How to Get Messy Hair

Do you want to wear a messy hairstyle? First, you need to get your hair ready for the style by washing it clean. Oily or greasy hair doesn’t sit well. It is also hard to manage dry hair. It’s easier to deal with hair that is slightly damp. You can use your shampoo, but don’t use a conditioner as it will interfere with absorption of hair spray or gel and make it hard to achieve the messy look. You can towel-dry your hair to keep it damp and soft. You can also use a blow dryer if you’re in a rush. The dampness of your hair, however, will most likely be lost.

You can also try running your fingers through your hair if you want to achieve a professional look. With this, you can direct certain sections of your hair to fall in various directions. This is perfect if you have medium-length hair. Using a comb will make your hair too straight, so use only your fingers.

If you have short hair, you have to pick the part that you want to appear messy. It’s easy to achieve a messy look with bangs. Remember that even if it’s a messy look, it doesn’t mean that you do not have to organize it. You have to be neat and use the right products to maintain your hair. Using the tail of the comb is the best way to creatively organize the ends. Avoid combing your messy hair as it will make your hair look flat.

Curly hair may be hard to manage, but it does not mean that you cannot create a messy look. If your hair is curly, you have to prep your hair first with gel. Gel will make it damp and easier to manage and style. This texture will also create a voluminous appearance.

The right hairstyle will make you look more attractive. Messy hairstyles men are popular today and you can read magazines or search the web to find inspiration for styles. There are also a lot of special products that are created to help you achieve the messy hairstyle you want.


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