51 Unique Wedding Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair with Pictures

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Picking hairstyles for weddings have been a great concern for the brides belonging to every age or cultures. Carrying a right hairstyle is very important for any bride because it is the biggest day of her life and who would not like to look absolutely gorgeous on their wedding Day. A nice wedding hairstyles accompanied by a floor-length gown is all that what you need to make it look perfect. This traditional duo brings out the delicacy and grace of the bride’s image and silhouette in whole.

Picking of the perfect hairstyle for your wedding is as essential as to choose a finely fitted wedding dress. So, if you find it difficult to decide whether you should carry an updo or go with a down do type, then we strongly suggest you pay attention to the variety of many different bridal hairstyles. So that way you can enjoy your attire, overall look and your big day as well.

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Unique Wedding Hairstyles:

Here is a list of 51 unique Wedding Hairstyles irrespective of whether you are a bride or bridesmaid and whether you have long hair , medium hair , short hair or shoulder length hair we have a hairstyle for you

Wedding hairstyles for Long Hair


  1. Half-up, half-down bridal hairstyles:
  2. The side swept hair with a chic accessory

    half up half down hairstyles

    half up half down hairstyles

    If you have long, beautiful locks like Rapunzel then make it enchanting and more romantic with a side-swept and the boho-chic accessory for your big day.


  3. Tightly wrapped strands with a twist
  4. Tightly-wrapped hair

    Tightly-wrapped hair

    The tightly-wrapped strands will anchor the teased part of the bride’s hairstyle while adding a twist which will make it look modern and as well as classic.


  5. Loose layered cut
  6. Loose layered cut bride

    Loose layered cut bride

    If you spot a layered cut, then you should lose some face-framing tendrils and concentrate on the volume of both the sides for a natural yet absolutely versatile look.


  7. The twisted strands with pinned curls
  8. The twisted strands with pinned curls

    The twisted strands with pinned curls

    The twisted strands from both sides and the pinned curls on the back can make this style look as lovely as ever and no matter which angle you’re looking from.


  9. Blossoms at the rolled top half
  10. Blossoms at the rolled top half

    Blossoms at the rolled top half

    Tuck the blossoms around the rolled top half, and on the sides. This gives a magical effect towards the bottom of the strands.


    Wedding chignon hairstyles:


  11. Simple twisted chignon
  12. Simple twisted chignon

    Simple twisted chignon

    This hairstyle looks good on women of all ages and can look absolutely gorgeous if it is donned by a bride.


  13. Crown braid chignon
  14. How To Do Bridal Makeup

    With your hair all twisted and pinned, the crown braid chignon is an easy and DIY hairstyle which can easily be tried even at the comfort of your home.



  15. Messy and romantic chignon
  16. Messy and romantic chignon

    Messy and romantic chignon

    It’s a sophisticated and a very chic bridal hairstyle, that comes in different sizes and shapes to suit different manners of the bride.


  17. The knotted chignon
  18. The knotted chignon

    The knotted chignon

    The make-up and hair experts have come together to present you a wonderful wedding hairstyle for brides having long hair by giving a twist at the classic chignon.

    Ballerina bun braids:


  19. The classy braided ballerina bun
  20. The classy braided ballerina bun

    The classy braided ballerina bun

    As a teenager, many girls dream to become a ballerina. However, spotting a ballerina bun at your wedding is a superb idea. This gives you both, a classical as well as a girl next door look.


  21. A knot up-do
  22. shutterstock_169516298_opt

    Creating this messy bun is an extremely easy task. For once, it looks gorgeous to get your hair all up and knotty. All you have to do is make a knot and tie your hair.


  23. A French braided bun on the side
  24. A French braided bun on the side

    A French braided bun on the side

    This hairstyle contains a neatly tied French braid and a sophisticated bun created of the braid on either side of the head. This hairstyle is guaranteed to make your day an eventful one.



  25. Dutch milkmaid braid
  26. Dutch milkmaid braid

    Dutch milkmaid braid

    This hairstyle can be incorporated with the Dutch braid in the crown-like bridal hairstyle by weaving the braids and creating a bun out of them. Hairpins and other accessories can be used to hold the bun in its place. This hairstyle will look amazing throughout the day.

  27. Sock bun with braids:

    A perfect braided bow bun

    A perfect braided bow bun

    A perfect braided bow bun

    This hairstyle can be worn at any event of your wedding. This hairstyle is heavenly adorable, and will be a perfect fit for wedding or reception, and equally beautiful to be worn for a dance or a ballet.


  29. Braided and pancaked sock bun
  30. Braided and pancaked sock bun

    Braided and pancaked sock bun

    This hairstyle consists of pancaked braids exactly as its name suggests. For your big day, all that you need is to learn a few techniques to carry this wonderful pancake braided sock bun.


  31. A lace rolled sock bun
  32. A lace rolled sock bun

    A lace rolled sock bun

    Now it is time to look at another beautiful bridal hairstyle. If you couldn’t manage to get your wedding dates fixed in the winter and your big day falls in the scorching summer, this hairstyle will help you out to keep your hair off the neck while looking absolutely gorgeous.


    Wedding hairstyles for short hair


  33. Blonde Pizzazz
  34. A-line bouffant

    A-line bouffant

    This wavy and short hairstyle is a great option to be worn on your big day. The soft curls accented with the small effect of baby blue on the tips look classic.


  35. A-line bouffant
  36. A-line bouffant

    A-line bouffant

    Make use of your inner genius with this A-line bouffant, this hairstyle is a mix of golden and blonde tones to make your day extra special.


  37. Copper bob
  38. Copper bob

    Copper bob

    Enjoy the thick, full hair with the copper toned hairstyle. Also a side braid will add the wedding elegance.



  39. Rose gold rage
  40. Rose gold rage

    Rose gold rage

    Increase the volume of your hair with the rose gold hue. Voluminous, big and pretty curls will make the style wedding-perfect.


  41. Raspberry curls
  42. Raspberry curls hairs

    Raspberry curls hairs

    Tightly and beautifully curled tresses should be twisted, tamed and pinned to keep in control. All eyes will be on you on the D-day.


  43. Swept up hawk
  44. Swept up hawk

    Swept up hawk

    The simple and swept away bridal hairstyle is just perfect for your big day. A couple of braids along the sides will enhance the ‘faux-hawk’ flair.


    Loose Waves Wedding hairstyles:



  45. Loose, wavy hairstyle with headband
  46. Loose, wavy hairstyle with headband

    Loose, wavy hairstyle with headband

    These desirable wavy locks can be achieved by using a curling iron. The beautiful dainty and beaded headband increases the elegance quotient.


  47. Tousled, beachy bridal hairstyle
  48. Tousled, beachy bridal hairstyle

    Tousled, beachy bridal hairstyle

    These tousled waves automatically take us to the happening seaside wedding. The hairstyle can be amped up by simply adding flowers, crystals and by twisting some pieces.


  49. Ease waves bridal hairstyle
  50. Ease waves bridal hairstyle

    Ease waves bridal hairstyle

    This is an extraordinary simply and elegant hairstyle. Curling the bottoms strands and twisting a catchy piece with the bobby pins are enough to get this lovely yet romantic look.


  51. Wavy hairstyle with bangs
  52. Wavy hairstyle with bangs

    Wavy hairstyle with bangs

    You can’t be more jealous of a bride’s perfect bangs and glossy locks. A white orchid and simple jewelry can give a fresh and new look to a summer wedding.


  53. Wavy hairstyle with braid
  54. Wavy hairstyle with braid

    Wavy hairstyle with braid

    The elegant side braid of the bride’s hair adds the desiring elegance to the preppy wedding style.


  55. High volume wavy hairstyle
  56. High volume wavy hairstyle

    High volume wavy hairstyle

    This hairstyle gives plenty of room to her locks to flow off romantically. The nicely curled strands do not need any embellishment.


    Ponytail Wedding hairstyles:


  57. Bombshell ponytail
  58. Bombshell ponytail

    Bombshell ponytail

    Natural waves tied with a low ponytail give a wonderful look to your overall hairstyle. This can be the best hairdo your wedding.


  59. A curly ponytail
  60. A curly ponytail

    A curly ponytail

    With this curly ponytail hairstyle, you do not need anything complicated or fancy. All you have to do is to pull the locks backward in low-key style or add a beautiful feather to give the flair.


  61. Embellished ponytail on the side
  62. Embellished ponytail on the side

    Embellished ponytail on the side

    For a right wedding day hairstyle, a simple ponytail on either side is enough to save your day. You can also add some curls and a hair accessory to give you a more glamorous look.


  63. Pony up bridal hairstyle
  64. Pony up bridal hairstyle

    Pony up bridal hairstyle

    A gorgeous and high ponytail is a winning look which will work wonders for your evening. For a perfect finish, accessorize your hair with a beautiful piece of crystal barrette.


    Loose Curls hairstyles for Weddings


  65. Fabulous loose curls cascade
  66. Fabulous loose curls cascade

    Fabulous loose curls cascade

    The best way to carry the long loose curls is to collect them at the top and gracefully let them cascade down. A mesmerizing and gorgeous hairstyle to don on one of the most important days of your life


  67. Borocco-inspired curls
  68. Borocco-inspired curls

    Borocco-inspired curls

    This curly hairstyle adds extra volume to your hair. The borroco style hairstyle beautifully flaunts your fluffy curls and looks extra ordinary romantic.


  69. Long loose curls
  70. Borocco-inspired curls

    Borocco-inspired curls

    This traditional bride hairstyle gives an effortless and beautiful look consisting of long and loose curls that are pinned back on either side.



  71. Loose natural curls
  72. Borocco-inspired curls

    Borocco-inspired curls

    This is one of the glamorous yet simplest of hairstyles for any bride to wear on her big and special day. The natural, loose, spiral curls can be desirable for any woman.


  73. Half-up loose curls
  74. Borocco-inspired curls

    Borocco-inspired curls

    The soft curls which are held back and tied with loose braids are getting more and more popular amongst the brides of all age groups.

    Retro hairstyle for Wedding:


  75. Sparkly and sweet updo
  76. Sparkly and sweet updo

    Sparkly and sweet updo

    This hairstyle is nothing but an evergreen vintage look. The sweeping low and bangs, twisted buns are all inspired from vintage hairstyles. However, the hairpiece in this style is what makes it so elegant, so make sure that you find the perfect accessory before the big day.


  77. Loose braided updo
  78. Loose Braided Updo

    This ever romantic updo just feels like as if it has just come out of a romantic novel. To achieve the dreamy look, begin with a teased crown and the loose curls. Make sections of your hair, and leave the rest for a messy and loose bun flowing of the neck. The reserved sections can be utilized with French braiding and incorporating behind your head.



  79. Old Hollywood curls
  80. Old Hollywood curls

    Old Hollywood curls

    All eyes are set on the bride on her big day; therefore it is necessary to reveal your inner and filmy Hollywood starlet by donning this beautiful retro hairstyle. These waves are what makes the silver-screen beauties so fascinating and appealing to the masses.


  81. Simple Gibson roll
  82. Simple Gibson roll

    Simple Gibson roll

    This simple Gibson roll on your big day will make your man weak in his knees. We guarantee that this elegant hairstyle will not let him take his eyes off you.


  83. Bridal princess look
    Bridal princess look

    Bridal princess look

    Before taking your nuptial vows, make sure you look the best on the most important day of your life. This polished hairstyle makes an amazing bridal style. This style is extremely easy to achieve and you can try it out without taking much efforts and time.


    Braids: Wedding hairstyles for medium hair:


  85. Wedding ready braids
  86. Wedding ready braids

    Wedding ready braids

    Looking for a fuss-free and elegant wedding hairstyle? We are here to your rescue. Try this pretty wedding ready braided hairstyle yourself to grab all the eyeballs at your wedding



  87. Braided wedding updos
  88. Braided wedding updos

    Braided wedding updos

    The drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle consists of fishtail wrap around the braid. The braid can be accompanied by a master hair piece to high up the glamour quotient.


  89. Waterfall braid bridal hairstyle
  90. Waterfall braid bridal hairstyle

    Waterfall braid bridal hairstyle

    A beautiful half-up-half-down hairstyle that is also known as waterfall braid looks just stunningly pretty. A messy wedding hairstyle having a waterfall braid can also incorporate the gorgeous braided knot.

    Wedding hairstyles with veil:


  91. A bun or chignon with a birdcage veil
  92. A bun or chignon with a birdcage veil

    A bun or chignon with a birdcage veil

    This hairstyle is one of the few hairstyles that look good with ’50s-inspired veils. You can don a bun or try out a classy chignon and accompany them with a birdcage veil. The veil is good for complementing your elegant hairstyle.


  93. Side veil with bangs
  94. Side veil with bangs

    Side veil with bangs

    Your face-framing, pretty hair is enough to make you stand out amongst the crowd especially when you have added some braids or curls. Instead of a complete front veil, why not go for a floral side veil. The side veil will add the uniqueness to your overall appearance.


  95. A midlength veil for midlength hair
  96. A midlength veil for midlength hair

    A midlength veil for midlength hair

    If you want a vintage look on your wedding day then this one is a must-try hairstyle for you on your day.


  97. A rustic braided bridal hairstyle
  98. A rustic braided bridal hairstyle

    A rustic braided bridal hairstyle

    We promise you that you will love this absolutely rustic-looking hairstyle of yours. Wear a ribbon-trimmed cascading veil to compliment your hairstyle.


  99. Soft updo bridal hairstyle
  100. Braided Bun

    Soft updo bridal hairstyle

    Keep the tresses natural and soft with a soft and loose updo. Carry a fountain veil on the back to have a classic look.


  101. Veil with short curly hair
  102. Veil with short curly hair

    Veil with short curly hair

    Why not show off your pretty, natural ringlets? Light up the romance by donning a ravishing tiered veil and stun one and all.

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