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Are you someone who is fond of living on your own and do whatever you like? For all the ladies out there, you can now express your own sense of freedom with these Hippie hairstyles. Whatever your hair length is, whether it is long, short, medium or shoulder length, you can have a hippie hairstyle that will be best for you. Hippy hairstyles is full of open wavy hair, bands and ribbons and yes dreadlocks! Choose the best hippie hairstyle for you on the list below which is a mix of dreads, buns and braids.

51 Cute & Best Hippie Hairstyles

  1. Maiden Hippy
  2. Perfectly Hippy
    Maiden Hippy

    Allow yourself to reveal the femininity in you with this maiden hippy. Decorate your own headband and show it off to the world.

  3. Perfectly Hippy
  4. Maiden Hippy
    Perfectly Hippy

    With your long brown wavy hair, small black headband looks cool on you.

  5. Flowery Hippie
  6. Flowery Hippie
    Flowery Hippie

    You can have a pretty hippie look with flowers.

  7. Adventurous Hippie
  8. Cuivre Red
    Adventurous Hippie

    Your brown hair definitely looks good with a red headband that is a perfect ingredient for an adventurous look.

  9. Braid and Fringes
  10. Braid and Fringes
    Braid and Fringes

    If you are looking for a hippie hairstyles with braids than this hairstyle is perfect for you.A fringe braid is outstandingly sophisticated and cool for your hippie hairstyle. Get the braid lock in the headband and you’re on the go.

  11. Braids with starry headband
  12. Intricate Braids
    Braids with starry headband

    With this hippie hairstyle, you give a smooth twist on the braid and headband.

    Double Headband Hippie
    Double Headband Hippie

    You can style any hairdo with this double headband hippie.

  13. Single Headband Hippie
  14. Single Headband Hippie
    Single Headband Hippie

    This is intense and evolved to look at some sense.

  15. Red Head Hippie
  16. Red Head Hippie
    Red Head Hippie

    With your red hair flairs, go for a golden hippie headband.

  17. Afro Hippie Style
  18. Afro Hippie Style
    Afro Hippie Style

    Afro huge hippie style with the colorful headband is great and cool.

  19. Metallic Headband
  20. Metallic Headband
    Metallic Headband

    This gives you a rocky twist with your beautiful curled hair.
    Beaded Hippie Headband
    Enhance your hippie looks with colorful beads.

  21. Feathery Look, Hippie
  22. Feathery Look Hippie
    Feathery Look, Hippie

    A feather headband offers a vintage look so try it some time.

  23. Crystalized Hippie
  24. Crystalized Hippie
    Crystalized Hippie

    A crystal headband styled with brunette hairdo is best for a funky style.

  25. High-End Hippie
  26. High End Hippie
    High-End Hippie

    A delicate high-end headband is stylish and sexy especially when your hair falls deep in the middle.

  27. Shiny Hippie Headbands
  28. Shiny Hippie Headbands
    Shiny Hippie Headbands

    This will complement your loose hairdo giving you a voluminous hippie look.

  29. One Rope Hippie With Colors
  30. One Rope Hippie With Colors
    One Rope Hippie With Colors

    This fits for your evening hippie party. Do a pigtail hairdo and look your best.

  31. Rope Braid Hippie
  32. double rope hippie
    double rope hippie

    Try a double rope hippie headband for a sultry and sexy look

  33. Headbands with patches or multicolor
  34. Headbands with patches
    Headbands with patches

    With a patched headband, your hair will look sleek and straight with minimum hairstyling needed.

  35. Plaited Hairdo Hippie Headband
  36. Waterfall braid bridal hairstyle
    Plaited Hairdo Hippie Headband

    An interwoven chain headband accentuates your style.

  37. Casual Hippie
  38. Casual Hippie
    Casual Hippie

    With a thick casual hippie headband, you’ll look messy but definitely got a great attitude once you on public.

  39. Shimmer, Shine, and Show
  40. yellow metal headband
    yellow metal headband

    A yellow metal headband gives you a shimmery and shiny look with thick curls. Your open hair will definitely look shiny and extravagant with this hippie hairstyle.

  41. Beads in Cloth
  42. Beads in Cloth
    Beads in Cloth

    A cloth beaded headband is an ideal hippie mix that you can try for yourself.

  43. Gold Emboss Headband
  44. Gold Emboss Headband
    Gold Emboss Headband

    Try a golden flower in a headband for a royal and regal look on you just like the Bohemian ladies.

  45. Metal Hippie Headband
  46. Metal Hippie Headband
    Metal Hippie Headband

    Rock and roll as you add flavor to your hippie hairstyle with an ombre and bold hairstyle. This gives a modern look ideally for you.

  47. White Hippie Headband
  48. White Hippie Headband
    White Hippie Headband

    With your layered sleek hair, you will look ultimately sexy. A headband that is simple and elegant gives you a modish look.

  49. Black Rope Hippie
  50. The mature style
    Black Rope Hippie

    A slightly parted hair using a black rope headband is best for your hippie party. Wear it as if you are the most attractive lady in the party.

  51. Glittered Headband
  52. curly gal
    Glittered Headband

    Glittered hippie is great on your straight black hair flowing naturally in the air.

  53. Red Rope Hippie Headband
  54. High volume wavy hairstyle
    Red Rope Hippie Headband

    A red rope headband looks great on you especially with your thick and lustrous brown hair. This is just an exotic but elegant style hippie for you.

  55. Bohemian Cap with Beads
  56. Bohemian Cap with Beads
    Bohemian Cap with Beads

    Try this bohemian beaded cap and look stunningly beautiful and gorgeous just like a real princess.

  57. Sleek Updo
  58. Loose Braided Updo
    Sleek Updo

    Partner a sleek hairdo with a blue headband for a casual yet stylish hippie look. Get stunningly great with your hair up.


  59. Long Sided Braid

    Braided wedding updos
    Long Sided Braid

    A long sided braid looks stunningly brilliant and sassy whichever way you see it. Partner the hairdo with any accessory that you prefer.If you are into hippie hairstyles for weddings than this one is a perfect choice.

  61. Purple Headband
  62. Purple Headband
    Purple Headband

    For your straight long black hair, a purple headband looks definitely great with its exotic hippie style.

  63. Loose Long Braid
  64. Loose Long Braid
    Loose Long Braid

    A loose casual braid gives you an intrinsic look.

  65. Twisted Braids
  66. Twisted Braids
    Twisted Braids

    This gives you a little tacky yet a stylish finesse look.

  67. Waved Ombre Headband
  68. shutterstock_419254663

    A tacky headband is best on your waved ombre hair.

  69. Loose Braids
  70. Fishtail Braids
    Loose Braids

    Get loose and convert it to your hippie hairstyle.

  71. Fishy Braids
  72. Fishy Braids
    Fishy Braids

    A wavy fishy braid gives you a hippie style.

  73. Side Braids and Layered Bangs
  74. Kareena Kapoor
    Side Braids and Layered Bangs

    Look casual and sexy with this side braid and layered bangs.

  75. Curly Braid
  76. A curly ponytail
    Curly Braid

    Curly braid is like your crown on the head.

  77. Brown Dreadlocks
  78. Brown Dreadlocks
    Brown Dreadlocks

    For an ultimate hippie look, try a brown dreadlock.

  79. Chippie Chignon
  80. Messy and romantic chignon
    Chippie Chignon

    This hippie style is perfect for a tacky cool appearance.

  81. Rainbow
  82. Colored Short Hair Cut

    With this hippie style, an adult will certainly look younger than their age.

  83. Colorful Dreadlocks
  84. Shaggy Curly Hair
    Colorful Dreadlocks

    Compared to the traditional dreadlocks, this one is colorful with a twist. You may add anything on it.

  85. Feather Beds with Colors
  86. Loose, wavy hairstyle with headband
    Feather Beds with Colors

    Get a new headband with colorful feathers attached.

  87. Shiny and Glimmering Headbands
  88. Shiny and Glimmering Headbands
    Shiny and Glimmering Headbands

    Complement your red hair with a shining headband.

  89. Colored One Rope Hippie
  90. Colored One Rope Hippie
    Colored One Rope Hippie

    This Indian look is a sure win at  any party.

  91. Plaited Hippie Hairstyle with Headband
  92. Plaited Hippie Hairstyle with Headband
    Plaited Hippie Hairstyle with Headband

    An interwoven chain headband accentuates any dress style.

  93. Simple and Casual Hippie
  94. Simple and Casual Hippie
    Simple and Casual Hippie

    Get noticed and be proud about your simple and casual hippie look.

  95. Boho High-End Hairdo
  96. Boho Hairstyle
    Boho Hairstyle

    Release your stress with this boho high-end hippie hairstyle.

  97. Side-swept curls with Black Headband
  98. Side-swept curls with Black Headband
    Side-swept curls with Black Headband

    This is effortless and beautiful leaving you an ultimate gorgeous look.

Try these hippie hairstyles today and get your beauty revealed.

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