Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair for Women Over 40,50 &60 for 2021

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Are you an attractive damsel in distress looking for better hairstyles for those fine thin hair of yours? Well, you have stumbled upon the right place. Ladies with thin hair are constantly looking for new versatile ways to boost the volume of their hair. Some opt for random hair cutting techniques while others opt for a few standard hairstyles for fine thin hair that improve the look of their hair.

Your fine thin hair not only reflect your personality but they can also help you make a fashion statement. Most women out there deplore their fine, thin hair but what they do not know is that their hair is perfect and waiting for a makeover. So give your hair some royal treatment with these amazing hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair Over 40

Being busy in your professional and personal life does not mean that you can’t take care of yourself. Turning 40 brings a wealth of surprises for all of us and with these surprises comes a change in hormones. The hormones affect your skin, mood, diet and, of course, the density of your hair. This means that you need to upgrade your style as you enter into the new milestone of your life.

Now you can say hi to 40 with these amazingly chic hairstyles.


  1. The Classic Bob
  2. Hairstyles For Thin Hair over 40

    This is the hairstyle that says I’m the boss’ in the workplace and I’m the diva’ at social gatherings. It is not just popular among the celebrities but it is the number one go-to style for the power driven women who want the right professional look at work. This hairstyle suits all face types and ages but it is highly recommended for fine thin hair over 40.
    How to style it:
    In order to style a classic chic bob like a pro follow the following steps:

    • Shampoo your hair
    • Smooth out your hair by applying a hair grooming cream
    • Focus on the root area of the hair and blow dry it while brushing it consistently.
    • Lift the roots up the top to create more volume
    • Use a flat iron to smooth out the front flick or bangs.


  3. Medium length layers-  wavy or curly
  4. Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair Over 40

    This type of hairstyle will look perfect for the elegant ladies with long faces as it will soften their features. So it is time to dump the poker-straight hair for the perfect beachy waves or loose curls that will give you a wide-awake look. Celebrities which are often seen with this look include Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Material Girl, Madonna.
    How to style:

    • Starting from roots to the ends, wrap sections of your hair around a curling iron.
    • The sections should be around 1 to 2 inch
    • Curl your hair from your face towards the back
    • Use a hairspray with extra volume boost


  5. The Shag
  6. Shag Hairstyles for thin hair

    The 70s was all crazed up with this hairstyle and you are well aware of that but what you don’t know is that this hairstyle looks great on fine thin hair for women over 40.It balances the thin strands of your hair and gives them the right volume.

    How to style:

    • Use a blow-dryer and a round brush to style the cut.
    • Using a roller brush, turn the corners of your hair upward.
    • Use a mousse or a gel after blow drying.


  7. Layered Bob
  8. Layered Bob

    Layered Bob

    An elegant and flirtatious layered bob will draw more attention to your face and will flatter your fine thin hair.


  9. The smooth Center Part
  10. Salma Hayek in The smooth Center Part hair

    Salma Hayek in The smooth Center Part hair

    They say you can knock years off your face with the right hairstyle, seems like this statement is just right when it comes to a smooth shoulder length



  11. Elegant Bun
  12. Elegant Bun

    Elegant Bun

    Side sweep those hair and tease to create the perfect look for a volumized and chic elegant bun for your evening look.


  13. Pixie
  14. Pixie


    A short pixie is best suited for women with fine thin hair because it creates volume and adds an edge to your look.

    Hairstyles for fine thin hair over 50    

    So you are an edgy sophisticated, classic and trendy woman in her 50s and you believe that age is just a number. So don’t let this new era of your life from stopping you from looking your best and try these amazing hairstyles for fine thin hair over 50.


  15. The Chopped Bob
  16. The Chopped Bob

    The Chopped Bob

    You can now combat the sleek look of your thin hair by pairing it up with a choppy bob. The layers will create friction inside your hair strands which will, in turn, boost the volume of your hair.


  17. Spiky Short Pixie
  18. Kris Jenner

    Kris Jenner

    This hairstyle will accentuate your features and draw more attention to your jawline. Many celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Judi Dench, and Jaime Lee pull off the pixie cut elegantly.


  19. The straight Sleek Center Part
  20. Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore

    What makes this bob so attractive is the A-line shape and the perfect length. This is perfect for fine thin hair as it is easy to make and less time consuming.


  21. Medium Length Blow Dry
  22. Medium Length Blow Dry

    Medium Length Blow Dry

    Losing our hair while we age is a common phenomenon. What you can do is to get that hair back by using a  volumizing spray or a mousse to style it. Blow dry your medium length hair with a scrunch or a diffuser to create the perfect look.


  23. Shoulder Length Locks
  24. Shoulder Length Locks

    Shoulder Length Locks

    Lightly layer and smooth your shoulder length hair to create a flattering look. To draw attention to your cheekbones, add a nose length fringe.


  25. Razored Chop
  26. Razored Chop

    Razored Chop

    A razored cut will create wispy ends which will boost volume and create the perfect dimension to your fine thin hair.


  27. The Mini Bob
  28. The Mini Bob

    The Mini Bob

    This is the ultra-short bob which creates the right volume and edge making you look vibrant and beautiful.

    Hairstyles for fine thin hair over 60

    Your demanding career and busy schedule might not allow you to spend hours styling your hair which means that you should invest your time in easy to maintain hairstyles. Here are some of the chic and stylish low maintenance hairstyles for fine thin hair over 60.


  29. Cap Top

    top cap

    top cap

    This is one of the best hairstyles for mature women because the ultra-short cut is incredibly elegant and low key. It is best suited for women with an oval or petite face.


  31. The layered Medium Length Cut
  32. The layered Medium Length Cut

    The layered Medium Length Cut

    Complement the hairstyle with bangs or a fringe to draw more attention to your face. This style is best suited for fine this hair.


  33. Short Wispy Curls
  34. Short Wispy Curls

    Short Wispy Curls

    This hairstyle creates a blend of fun and vibrant glow to your look. It is advisable to keep the haircut short and tapered.


  35. Bangs with a Pixie
  36. Bangs with a Pixie

    Bangs with a Pixie

    This hairstyle will not only draw more attention to your eyes and check bones but it will give your fine thin hair more texture.


  37. Short shag
  38. Short shag

    Short shag

    This hairstyle is evergreen as it never goes out of style.


  39. The Dual Pixie Style
  40. The Dual Pixie Style

    The Dual Pixie Style

    This hairstyle is all business in the front and fun in the back. Styling is very important when it comes to the dual pixie style and it is high maintenance.


  41. The Textured Bob
  42. The Textured Bob

    The Textured Bob

    The textured bob is the perfect choice for women with fine thin hair over 60. The textured bob will pump up the volume of your fine thin hair.

    So debunk the aging myths and try on these awesome hairstyles for a glamorous, elegant and ageless look.

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