21 Beautiful Perm Hairstyles For Long ,Medium & Short Hair

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The grass will always be much greener on the other side. Ladies with curly hair desire to have it straight and ladies with straight hair desire to have it curly. Curly hair was, and will always be sexy, adorable, and prized. No matter if, you want to change your look because you are bored, or you simply want to stay trendy always, a perm hair can be a great option. Moreover, it will give you many kinds of curls that you will love too.

What is a Perm

Permanent wave or Perm is a hairstyle produced by styling your hair in waves and curls and then treating it with chemicals so that the style lasts for many months. Here are multiple types of perm hairstyles that you can use depending on your hair type whether it is short , medium or long hair

Types of Perm Hairstyles For Long ,Medium & Short Hair

  1. Plain curl perm
  2. :

    Fluffy Curls

    Plain curl perm

    This kind of perm is what most women select. The result is the addition of soft natural waves, giving it volume and body. Additionally, this is what makes it suitable for all face types and hairstyles.

  3. Body perm
  4. Body perm

    Body perm

    The end result of this kind of perm hair is adding large curls and a slight wave from the root to the tip. It will add many volumes to your hair, which will give it the movement and body that is necessary for killing the flat hair look. It makes it a great fit for women that have a square face who look to soften their features.

  5. Spiral perm
  6. Spiral perm

    Spiral perm

    If you are looking to sporty a very African look with bouncy and tight curls, this is the kind of curl that you should go for. They look like twisted and tiny cork screws with lovely cascading effect. Especially if you have an oval face, this perm hair will bring out the best in you.

  7. Pin curl perm
  8. Pin curl perm

    Pin curl perm

    When using a styling gel or pin to be able to get the final curly look, this kind of perm is what you should treat yourself to. You do not necessarily have to use chemicals for this.

  9. Stacked perm
  10. Anfisa Chekhova

    Stacked perm

    If you are looking to add volume without a need to perm your hair from root to tip, this is what you need. This kind of perm adds curls just the lower length of your hair. It works better if you have a simple hair cut with only one length to it, rather than layers.

  11. Root perm
  12. The twisted strands with pinned curls

    Root perm

    The result of this perm hair is the addition of lift and height at the very roots of your hair. If the aim is to add life to your otherwise dead and limp hair, it is meant for you. This perm looks better on short hair.

  13. Spot perm
  14. Maria Krilenko

    Spot perm

    If you are looking to style a particular look that necessitates only a specific section of your hair to be able to be curly, spot perm is the kind of perm you need.

  15. Volumizing or Wavy perm
  16. Loose, wavy hairstyle with headband

    Volumizing perm

    If you want a more relaxed look, which will be able to add texture and volume to your fine limp hair, volumizing perm hair is your right choice.

  17. Multi-textured perm –
  18. Multi-textured perm

    Multi-textured perm

    If you have a long hair that you want to be paired with a more natural looking perm, this perm type is the way to go.

  19. Curly perm with cornrows –
  20. Curly perm with cornrows

    Curly perm with cornrows

    One amazing thing about the perm hair is that you will be able to make a completely different texture that your own. If you desire a thick and natural-looking curly hair, it may be attained with smaller rods. Enjoy your new look with sophisticated asymmetrical braids.

  21. Tied back look –
  22. Tied back look

    Tied back look

    Perm can be tied into a ponytail. You may consider going for a high ponytail or a low ponytail. This will give a casual and neat look for you.

  23. Elaborate style –
  24. Elaborate style

    Elaborate style

    This perm type needs quite some effort and time to be able to get it right. The hair’s front section will be side parted into bangs while the remaining will be permed.

  25. The girly look –
  26. The girly look

    The girly look

    This perm hair is pulled back to sit on both sides of your face, and it is very suitable for short-haired women.

  27. The retro style –
  28. Layered Curly Bob Cut

    The retro style

    For loose waves and tight curls, this is one great option. You only need to tie your hair into a low ponytail and keep several rolls of hair on either side framing your face.

  29. Classic perm –
  30. Classic perm

    Classic perm

    Perm hair will look best when they are left open. This kind of perm is the most popular among all age groups of women.

  31. Acid perm –
  32. Acid perm

    Acid perm

    This kind of perm is more time-consuming, but it is subjecting the hair to less damage. Those who are new to this procedure should consider it first because it will let you attain loose s-shaped waves with less damage to your hair, as compared to alkaline perm.

  33. The mature style –
  34. The mature style

    The mature style

    Short permed hair with some bangs in front would look perfect on mature women. This perm type looks well for medium and short length-haired women.

  35. Alkaline perm –
  36. Alkaline perm

    Alkaline perm

    Coarse hair is able to stand this stronger and twenty-minute long treatment, which result in springy and tight curls.

  37. The gypsy style –
  38. The gypsy style

    The gypsy style

    Lightly perm may also be left open on both shoulders. It will give a gypsy look, adding a funky touch to your hairstyle. Tie a thick head band or bandana to keep your hair in place. You can play with the color of the bandana in accordance to your mood.

  39. Plenty perm –
  40. Plenty perm

    Plenty perm

    For a spiral curl that is reminiscent of a china doll, this perm hair type has your name on it. The perfect ringlets will blossom with a sophisticated edge, which makes it look great for the office or in the dance floor. As worn with a mini or a suit, this permed hair will stand out, and everyone will love it.

  41. Loose curl ombre perm –
  42. Soft Blondes

    Loose curl ombre perm

    Perhaps the most wanted of perm hairstyles is a plain and natural curl look, which suits many different shapes of face, along with various hair colors. By letting the curls float around the bottom, you will be able to create volume that does not overpower.

With these amazing styles to choose from with perm hair, you will definitely be able to stand out and find the hair style that best suit your fashion, face shape, and beauty.

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