11 Health Benefits, Side Effects and Recipes of Turmeric for Skin, Hair and Health

I think you will agree with me: that health benefits of turmeric are numerous

but are you aware of side effects of turmeric ? Well in this piece we will cover health benefits of turmeric for skin ,hair, and health along with turmeric side effects and turmeric recipes

What is Turmeric:

It is one of the oldest and widely known spices due to its medicinal properties. This spice is widely used in Asian cuisines, particularly in India. It is a kind of bright yellow colored root that belongs to the ginger family that is native to the mountains of Himalaya.

Health Benefits of Turmeric:

  1.  Liver Health: 
  2. This spice is very good for the health of the liver. It eliminates toxic substances in the blood through generating some enzymes. The intake of this spice encourages the production of this enzyme and aids in decreasing toxic substances coming from the body.

  3.  Indigestion: 
  4. It helps in curing indigestion issue. It stimulates the production of bile that is vital for right digestion as well as fat absorption. It aids as well in eliminating bloating, heartburn, gas bowel and eases the bowel movement too.

  5. A cure for a pimple and acne: 
  6. It is very helpful in curing and avoiding both a pimple and acne. It eliminates excess oil and has the ability to open clogged pores that cause pimples and acne. The good thing about this is that it acquires an anti- inflammatory property that lessens the inflammation of acne at the same time its anti-bacterial features kills the acne that causes bacteria. Furthermore, for acne, you can utilize a face pack that comprises of turmeric powder and sandalwood.Read more on Turmeric for Acne

  7.  Good for oil skin: 
  8. This spice is beneficial for those people who have oily skin since it controls the oil, eliminates dirt and clears all clogged pores. If you are interested in how to obtain this  you can prepare a combination of rose water, fuller’s earth, and turmeric  and apply it for around ten to fifteen minutes. After that, rinse it off along with cold water.

  9.  Eliminates facial hair: 
  10. Gram flour and turmeric scrub could assist in eliminating facial hair . In order for you to get this, you can prepare it by combining gram flour and turmeric in milk. You can apply it all to your face and remove it through massaging it in circulation motions by your fingertips. This must be done on a regular basis for about four weeks in order to see visible results.

  11.  Skin lightening properties:
  12. You will find countless fairness cream that is accessible on the market today, however, if you are searching for natural products that could lighten your skin, then go for turmeric. You could combine turmeric powder with lemon juice and gram flour and put it as a face pack. Remember to use this daily for around two to three weeks to see good results.

    Turmeric Side effects

    You are now aware that there is a wide array of turmeric benefits for the skin. However, even the consumption of turmeric necessitates some precautions in order to prevent some side effects which may happen to some people

  13. Allergic Reaction: 
  14. Some individuals might have an allergy to turmeric and might develop vomiting, nausea, gastric upsets and diarrhea especially when it is taken high doses. In addition to that, for some lotions and ointments that have turmeric as an ingredient might lead to some rash, allergy and burning sensation in those genetically susceptible people. In some cases, contact dermatitis, anaphylaxis, and hives might also develop.

  15.  Liver problems: 
  16. High consumption of turmeric is linked with the dysfunction of the liver and might present jaundice and indigestion. Some research in animals have verified that toxic effects of this spice of animal hepatocytes and even though there is no  human study that has been done  to tell the probable mechanism of growth of complications, still, it is advised by some healthcare providers to control the intake under suggested dosages only. Therefore, if you are suffering from any kind of medical disease at present, which involves the liver, then it is wise to cut or stop totally and remove turmeric in your diet.

  17.  Turmeric in Pregnancy (Uterine Contractions): 
  18. It is recommended to keep away from turmeric if you are expecting or whenever you are looking forward to getting pregnant. Keep in mind that it is one of those uterine stimulants, which raises the basal activity of the smooth muscle cells of the uterus that could lead to a premature contraction in the uterus, vaginal bleeding, and miscarriage in certain cases.

    Turmeric Recipes

  19. Turmeric Tea: 
  20. It is widely known that turmeric is very beneficial in terms of improving one’s health and one recipe that you can have if you want to obtain these benefits is through turmeric tea. This tea is very helpful in preventing menstrual cramps, cancer as well as heavy flow. In addition to that, it also cures arthritis and enhances bone health, eliminates toxic substances inside the body, eases aches and pains and has the ability to detoxify the liver.

    Furthermore, this tea is somewhat easy to prepare. All you need to do is to combine milk and turmeric and let it simmer for several minutes. Then, you can add cloves or cinnamon, honey and ginger piece for sweetness. After it, strain it for around few minutes boil and you can now enjoy.

  21.  Turmeric Milk: 
  22. Another recipe that you can have is turmeric milk, which is also a healthy drink that helps in curing different health issues . Milk and turmeric both remove free radicals due to its anti-oxidant properties. Also, free radicals are just one of the many causes of different health issues.

    This milk aids in a curing cough and cold as well as indigestion. Being a great detoxifier, it also has the ability to purify the blood and provides you with healthy and glowing skin  This milk is an old drink that is widely used in the kitchens in India and its intake is surely a better alternative than the intake of regular milk.

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