17 Beetroot Juice Benefits for Skin, Hair, Why you should Drink it Every Day & Side Effects

Beetroot juice is not only recognized due to its stunning color but because it is completely packed with all of the essential nutrients. Apart from it, it is also considered to be a good source of minerals and vitamins.

Benefits of drinking beetroot juice first thing in the morning

Drinking Fresh Beetroot Juice first thing in morning or at least 1 hour before breakfast will help you absorb all the essential nutrients from beetroot helping in digestion and kick starting your metabolism. It also serves as a diuretic which helps in weight loss if taken in morning

Another impressive thing to love about this juice is that it contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, sulfur, copper and iron. It is also rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids that are known to reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation. With its anti-carcinogenic color, it further helps anyone prevent the onset of colon cancer.

Beetroot juice is also a great source of minerals and vitamins essential for the skin, the hair and the health. 

Beetroot Juice Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health.

  1. Anti-Cancer Effect: 
  2. This juice has the best property to help you prevent cancerous tumors. It can detoxify your body by removing unhealthy toxins. It can also reverse the production of the different types of cancer.

  3. High Anti-Oxidative Property: 
  4. Another beetroot benefit highlighted is that it is enriched in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. Through these properties, cell damages are as well reduced and eliminated. All free radicals are removed as well. Even the consistent aging of the skin is also prevented.

  5. Helps in the Healthy and Proper Digestion: 
  6. Beetroot juice helps enhance fat digestion and metabolism of the body. It also effectively cleans your intestine and enhances the peristalsis. This juice is also known to stimulate the nerves the supply the intestine. Its high fiber content allows the easy and healthy bowel movement.

  7. Healthy for Pregnant Women: 
  8. Pregnant women are recommended to consume beetroot juice recipe as it contains high folic acid which further prevents birth defects to your child. This also offers a healthy and good skin tone to your child.

  9. Essential for the Eyes: 
  10. This juice is also a healthy source of carotenes. These are likewise important for the retina and the eyes. This is the reason why this juice is recommended to people with poor eyesight.

  11. Increases Stamina: 
  12. If you will consume beetroot juices on a regular basis, you can increase the stamina level of your body. It also reduces the onset of negative effects right after any workout session. These negative effects include of extreme tiredness and lethargy.

  13. Reduces Chances of Acquiring Dementia: 
  14. This beetroot juice can also enhance your blood supply that goes to the brain. And thus, it decreases the negative effects of age-related problems such as dementia.

  15. Good for Anemic Patients: 
  16. If you’re anemic, then worry no more as your condition can be alleviated by the intake of beetroot juice. This specifically contains a higher level of iron. This likewise needs to be consumed by anemic patients. When you take more iron, you can further increase your red blood cells and hemoglobin.

  17. Fortifies  the Liver: 
  18. Beetroot juice further enhances the function of your liver cells. Its high content of fiber can also stimulate detoxifying enzymes production from the liver. This also helps in the metabolism of your fat which counteracts the formation of fatty liver. And, this is also brought by the chronic abuse of alcohol.

  19. Boost Immunity: 
  20. Beetroot juice also enhances the capability of the body to combat the different types of infections. This also helps in reverse all types of degenerative diseases related to your age.

  21. Cure for Pimples and Acne: 
  22. Drinking beetroot juice helps you to get rid of the inflammatory conditions of your skin such as the pimples and acne. This beetroot juice also benefits those who want a young and healthy looking skin that is free from pimples and acne.

  23. Radiant Complexion: 
  24. By drinking the juice, purifying your blood and improving its circulation are possible. The regular consumption of this juice helps you obtain a healthy and naturally glowing face. This is the reason why you can also make use of the beetroot leaves and apply them on your skin. Thus, you can obtain that glowing and refreshing skin. If you want to have that radiantly glowing skin, worry no more as beetroot juice can best respond to such concern.

  25. Anti-Wrinkling Effect: 
  26. Due to the high composition of anti-oxidant of the beetroot juice, you are most assured of being free from wrinkles. This also contains lycopene which can protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This also maintains the elasticity of your skin.

  27. Promotes Hair Growth:
  28. People who are most often worried of the consistent loss of their hair may drink this beetroot juice. This actually contains all healthy nutrients that help you grow your hair. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and C, protein, phosphorus, carbohydrate and a whole lot more.:

  29. Anti-Pruritic Action: 
  30. Beetroot juice is anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory and this helps prevent itchiness. The regular consumption of the juice helps you get rid of that itchy and dry scalp.

  31. Removal of Spots and Blemishes: 
  32. Beetroot juice can also be applied on your skin.  When you drink it on a regular basis, you can effectively reduce the appearance of your scars, your spots and your blemishes.

  33. Glossy and Healthy Hair: 
  34. Beetroot juice contains healthy carotenoids that helps improve blood circulation. This also nourishes your hair follicle and gives you that healthy and completely nourished hair.

These are only some of the amazing benefits of beetroot juice recipe. When you consume this juice, you will get all the skin, hair and health benefits.  Beetroot juice side effects will never be acquired as this juice is proven to be healthy and safe. This is also simply recommended by all health specialists due to the many varied benefits it brings to the body.

So, what else are you waiting for? With the many benefits of beetroot juice, this is truly worth of the penny you have spent to it.  If you want to obtain a healthy skin and healthy hair, drink this beetroot juice today!  

Beetroot Juice Recipes

Would you be more than interested of preparing all those beetroot juice recipes? If you still have no idea of what to try out with, here is the complete list of some of the beetroot juice recipes:

  • Beetroot, Pineapple and Cucumber Juice Recipe – This is simply a fabulous drink that can be perfectly consumed in cleansing your stomach.
  • Beetroot, Celery and Carrot Juice Recipe – This is a healthy drink which is simply perfect for your kidney.


Beetroot Juice Side Effects

Apart from the amazing benefits that beetroot juice can offer, it is still interesting to know more about the side effects that are as follows:

  • Vocal Cord Problems
  • Kidney Stones
  • Beeturia
  • Rashes, Chills, Fever


The impressive thing about the beetroot juice is that its benefits outweigh the side effects!

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