11 Amazing Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurts are increasingly getting known for their creamier, richer, and thicker texture and flavor basically because they have been stripped off with whey. more importantly, Greek yogurts contain nutrients thereby offering a lot of health benefits and here we will discuss health benefits of greek yogurt.

Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is a much healthier type of yogurt because it is stripped off of sugar to around 40 percent, sodium to about 38 percent and protein to about twice the contents in traditional yogurts making it suitable for those looking for low carb and high protein diet. However traditional yogurt delivers more than twice the bone strengthening calcium as compared to greek yogurt

11 Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

1. Blood Pressure: Low fat and non fat dairy foods just like Greek yogurt can help promote proper blood pressure. Two  to three servings in a day of greek yogurt on a healthy eating habit can actually help lower an excessively high pressure in the blood. Just eating 2-3 servings of Greek Yogurt in a day will fulfill all the potassium, magnesium, and calcium you need for a healthy living.

2. Bone Health: Just calcium is not enough for a healthy bone Greek yogurt contains different nutrients that include protein, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium, which can surely help improve bone health.

3. Digestive System: Yogurts are known to contain probiotics, which help promote balanced number of good bacteria in the gut. With such appropriate amounts in the gut, food digestion is improved and the appearances of different digestive problems is minimized.

4. Lactose Intolerance. Yogurts, especially Greek type are low in lactose so it is the best substitute for milk which is known to have very high lactose contents.

Health Benefit of Greek Yogurt For Weight Loss

5. Weight Management: One of the health benefits of Greek yogurt is weight loss. Proof to this was published in 2010 study for American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Health Benefit of Greek Yogurt For Skin

6. Skin health:The health benefits of Greek yogurt for skin is one that users will not miss. Its high in protein and the effects to cell growth is visible. Yogurt may even be made into a face mask or paste to for a more vital and healthier skin.

7. Muscle buildup: Greek yogurt’s high protein contents helps build muscles in the body, which keep the body strong and prevent illnesses.

8. Healthy brain. Greek yogurt has B12 contents which can help improve the brain functions as well as the body’s energy.

9. Fatigue recovery: Greek yogurt comes with a lot of nutrients and health benefits and one of this is fatigue recovery. This is the reason why it is a favorite food of those who work out in gyms or go on rigid trainings.

10. Boosts energy. The health benefits of including Greek yogurt in your everyday healthy diet includes boosting your energy levels. Its nutritional contents – protein, calcium, chlorophyll, vitamins, etc. – are the reasons why you don’t feel overwhelmed by the fatigue you usually feel after a long day or a routine in the gym.

11. Healthy snack: The medical benefits Greek yogurt offers is definitely many but atop that, it has to be enjoyed as a nutritional and refreshing snack. Combined with different ingredients, this will surely tastes good as well as offer more healthy benefits like the health benefits of Greek yogurt with honey and the health benefits of Greek yogurt and granola.

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