Weight Gain During Period ( Menstrual Cycle)& Weight Loss How Long Does it Last

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Why You Gain and Lose Weight During Periods?

There are a lot of women who suffer from different symptoms during their period. These mainly include of bloating, cramping, feeling of irritability, headaches and a whole lot more. But, one of the most frustrating problems faced by most women is the feeling of weight gain during period ( Menstrual Cycle)

Do women really gain and lose weight during their period? Actually, women can gain weight during their period. They can gain pound or more that leave all women worried and stressed out. These cause them to fit their clothing items at their closet.  

Why Do You Gain Weight During Period?

Are you aware of some of the reasons why women are gaining weight during their menstrual period? If not, here is the complete list of some of the common reasons why women experience weight gain during their monthly period:

  1. Water Retention: 
  2. Hormonal changes that are associated during their period are among the common causes of weight gain. This is when the body wants to keep an excess amount of water in its cells. This only means that you need to retain more water and this results you to weigh a lot. This can add up to those extra pounds your body have during your period.

  3. Bloating: 
  4. Bloating is considered to be a common symptom at the start of women’s period. This can be very painful which is associated with upset stomach and cramps. The bloating symptoms can make you feel as if more inches are added on your body and your waist.

  5. Binge Eating: 
  6. At the start of your period, you may feel hungry than the usual days. This is the reason why you spend time eating different types of foods at your own comfort. These food cravings can trigger some of the changes in your hormone levels. This means that you will eat more foods than the usual amount. And thus, this leads to slight or serious weight gain for a few days of your period.

  7. Low Level of Magnesium: 
  8. Before you have your period, your body’s magnesium level decreases. When this incident happens, the production of insulin in your body also decreases. This leads to hunger which motivates you further to eat more than the usual amount of food you consume. The result is that you gain a little amount of weight during your period.

  9. Lack of Healthy Exercise: 
  10. Women prevent themselves from engaging in healthy exercises specifically during their period. They may be tired or they are not after dealing with the inconvenience brought by these exercises. This type of inactivity only leads to weight gain.


How Long Does the Period Weight Gain Last?

How long does the weight gain last? This is simply a common question of those women who are not aware on how they experience weight gain. If it is a normal weight gain due to bloating and water retention they will lose it when new cycle starts however if it is due to other reasons mentioned above than that is not a period weight and it will not go.

It’s also a misconception to say that weight gain immediately starts to kick in during the first cycle of the menstrual period. Understanding the different menstrual cycle stages is one way of determining how will long will this weight gain last.

In fact, the weight gain of most of the women occurs during the first three menstrual cycle stages. It is further relieved during the bleeding period.

  1. Pre-Menstrual Stage – This stage primarily occurs for about two weeks prior to the bleeding period. There are simple symptoms that you may experience during this stage. These also grow to be more severe in the next stages.
  2. Follicular Stage – This stage occurs a week prior to the bleeding period. Bloating starts to happen in this stage which is another cause of weight gain.
  3. Luteal Stage – This stage is about five days before your bleeding period starts. During this stage, the eggs will now be released right through your fallopian tubes and the estrogen hormone will no longer flood your system.
  4. Period – This is the time where shedding or bleeding of the excessive linings of the uterine can be experienced. There will also be an excessive water, blood and unfertilized egg. During the start of the period, the issue on weight gain already dissipates in this process.
  5. Post-Menstrual Stage – This stage highlights the end of the bleeding process. Weight gain in this stage can start all over again.

What is Average Weight Gain During Period?

The average weight gained by women during their period cam range from two to ten pounds. It’s a misconception to assume that weight gain of women during their period only comes from water retention and fluid. There are some women who experience weight gain during their period. And, they also experienced food cravings and they give in to such cravings. This adds up to their weight gain as they continue to consume a huge amount of food.

For those who can best manage and deal with their symptoms during their period, they only gain less weight. But, there are also instances that excess weight gain occurs when they cannot control themselves. This is especially in eating foods. This is the reason why the average weight gain of women depends on how they deal with the symptoms and activities during their period.

Weight Loss during Period

Weight loss during period can also be experienced by those women who can control themselves from food cravings. They are also those who are used to performing different exercises despite the onset of serious symptoms they experience during their period. This is one of the best things that most women want to achieve. This is to assure them that once their period is over, they can still have that sexy, fit and slim body they’ve always wanted.

Weight gains and weight lose can be both experienced by women during their period. It only takes a time, patience and effort on how they will have to deal with such situation. Whether you gain or lose weight during your menstrual period, be very careful to follow only those healthy and safe habits for a healthy life.

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