What Makeup Brushes Do I Need:21 Makeup Brushes Types and Uses

Makeup Brushes are an essential need for a girl and if you choose the right one it will make you look even better. How to choose the best makeup brush you need for your look is a more complicated question and depends on upon do you know what each makeup brush is used for. So to answer the question In this piece we will list down the 21 makeup brushes you need as well as how to use them with pictures

What Makeup Brushes Do I Need: 21 Makeup Brushes Types and Uses:

1. Eye shader brush

– this brush is used in applying makeup on the eyes lid. Apart from that, it could also be used in smudging the color in the area under the lower lash line or in creating a defined line.

Eye shader brush
Eye shader brush

2. Foundation brush

– this is used in order for one to achieve not only a flawless finish but a smooth one as well. It even makes fluid application possible with the use of its tampered tip. All you need to do is to dampen the water for an even distribution.

Foundation brush
Foundation brush

3. Kabuki

– As compared to other types of makeup brushes, this one is short, has flat bristles and wide round, making it unique. In using this, you just need to keep in mind that you should apply mineral powder in a circular motion to achieve the best results.

Kabuki brush
Kabuki brush

4. Cheek highlighter brush

– this has soft and feathery bristles at the same time. With that being said, you can expect that it provide a great finish. You can use this as a highlighter in the area above your cheekbones and works best together with the cream brush.

Cheek highlighter brush
Cheek highlighter brush

5. Camouflage brush

– included in the types of makeup brushes list, this has soft bristles with a wider base while having a pointed tip. You can use this is concealing discoloration and in applying concealer in the area under the eyes.

Camouflage brush
Camouflage brush

6. Bent liner brush

– if gel eyeliner is the one you are using, then it is suggested for you to use the bent liner brush. Just like its name states, it has a bent head, allowing you to apply the gel eyeliner with ease.

7. Stiff dome brush

– this is the one used in creating a Smokey eye or in blending the crease. As it is composed of stiff bristles, you are given the opportunity to move the eye shadow anywhere. this brush look like any painting brush.

8. Fan brush

– as one of the necessary types of makeup brushes, this can be used in applying blush, blending, cleaning up the excess powder and even in highlighting the cheekbones.

9. Flat brush

– contouring the cheeks can be done best using the flat brush. The corners of the brush allow you to apply the right contour color beneath your cheekbones.

10. Foundation stippling brush

– are you one of those people who wanted to have a full coverage foundation look? If so, then this is the right brush for you to use as compared to the other types of makeup brushes as it allows foundation stippling in the face, resulting in a flawless look.

11. Dual ended brow brush

– With this one, it seems like you are getting two brushes at once, allowing you to get the most out of your money. You can use the spool end to brush through your brows while the angled end to fill in your brows.

12. Duo fiber brush

– this is made of the combination of synthetic and goat fibers that is ideal for blending color. Aside from that, it also provides lightweight coverage of powder, cream, and even liquid.

13. Flat foundation brush

– this is a great brush option for you if you wanted to apply a highlighter at the top of your cheekbones. However, as you are using it, you need to consider the fact that it could leave streaks in the foundation and so, you better be careful in using it.

14. Pencil brush

– as one of the types of makeup brushes, this one aims to help an individual shade the lid area precisely with ease. Lash line smudging can also be done using this specific brush while still allowing one to darken the outer v area in order to achieve a dramatic look.

15. Eyeliner brush

– this is considered as an extra fine brush as it contains natural bristles that aids in creating a precise line whenever you are aiming to apply the liner perfectly.

16. Brow brush

– when it comes to filling your eyebrows, this type of brush is the best. This is due to the reason that it is angled and so, it is possible to fill your eyebrow’s thinnest areas.

17. Lip brush

– among the types of makeup brushes, we should definitely not forget the lip brush although this one is quite tiny as it allows us to apply lip-gloss or lipstick precisely and without making a mess.

18. Angle contour brush

– this kind of brush comes in various size and shapes in the market. Using this brush, you would be able to swipe the brush diagonally downward from your cheekbone and in just one fluid motion, a flawless application can be achieved.

19. Small angled brush

– this brush has a natural still bristle, which is angled. With it, one would be able to successfully fill in their eyebrow without a room for any mistake. Apart from that, you can use it as you apply a crème eyeliner or gel.

20. Tapered blending brush

– also included in the types of makeup brushes list is the tapered blending blush with a tapered and rounded top which is just perfect not only in applying but also in blending all over the shadow.

21. Smudge brush

– If you prefer going for a Smokey eye, then this type of brush is a must as it contains soft bristles, allowing you to smudge the area that you desire.

Smudge brush
Smudge brush

There you have the list of the different types of makeup brushes for makeup that you need to have in order for you to be able to achieve the best makeup look that you also wanted to achieve.

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