Emo Makeup Tutorial,Tips & Ideas For Girls and Guys

Looking for ways to stand out and attract everybody’s attention? Then Emo makeup may do the trick. This makeup is extremely popular throughout the globe, especially for teenagers. Emo style and look is often related with Gothic Style. The result is often interesting and intriguing. Though the makeup looks like a complicated one, the truth is that it’s just very simple.  Emo makeup features that dark eye which comes as a result of using the smoky-eye technique. Usually, cheeks and lips are kept natural and simple. Because of its quite mild look, the emo style works perfectly for both guys and girls.

If you planning to change your style into an Emo one but don’t know how the below tutorial and tips might help.

How to do Emo Make-Up?

The secret of emo makeup is to make your face look paler. It is important to keep this in mind throughout the process. Moreover, the eyes should be highlighted through using black eyeliner. The goal is to create a darker area or look around your eyes. So aside from black eyeliner, you can also try using dark shades of garnet, violet, purple or dark reds.

Black mascara is the next thing you’ll need. This is important to synchronize eyelashes with your eye’s darkness.

Things needed:

  1. Eyeliner
  2. Mascara
  3. Black makeup
  4. Eyeshadow
  5. Powder

If you already have those materials, let’s now proceed with emo makeup tutorial. Basically, there are two ways on how to apply your makeup- one is for boys and the other for girls. But prior on the tutorial itself, you first need to learn the fundamentals.

  1. Make sure to blend the moisturizer on neck and face. This will serve as your makeup base.
  2. Emo makeup requires a place face. But this doesn’t require you to apply lighter foundation. Just opt for the foundation you commonly use.
  3. Your eyes should look dark. But make sure that the colors you use perfectly blend together. Keep the blush just a bit more pinkish compared to your skin color or tone. Don’t go for dark peachy or bronze blushes.

So let’s now proceed to the emo makeup process:

Emo Girls Makeup

For girls, emo makeup is all about eyes

Emo Eye Makeup

  1. Get your emo eyeliner or eye paint. Apply it cautiously on your eye’s bottom part. Ensure you get a bit closer to your lash line. Begin on your eye’s inside corner then cautiously create a thinner line outwards. Repeat the process on the top area of your eye. You can try creating a rounded edge.
  2. After drying your eyeliner, apply a reasonable amount of eyeshadow into your eyelids.
  3. Apply black mascara
  4. If you wish to use foundation, then go. Just make sure that the foundation’s tone is a bit lighter compared to your skin color.
  5. Using lipstick may still do great. Just make sure that its color naturally blends with your lips. The best lipstick often creates the tingling effect.
  6. Never overdo your makeup, unless you want to look like poser around.

Emo Makeup For Guys

Emo Makeup Boy

  1. Apply colored or black eyeliner close to the lashline. See the photo of emo girl and guys  above and find the difference. The latter basically wear just enough eyeliner to show that they do have eyeliner and make their eyes appear a bit darker.
  2. Girls are fond of using eye shadow but boys don’t need to follow what’s trending for the opposite sex. But if you really want to apply, well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that your eye shadow isn’t something vivid and bright.
  3. It may sound too girly. But yes, boys can also use foundation to lighten their complexion or their skin tone even a bit or to achieve a paler look.
  4. Do I have to use lipstick? Well, that depends on your preference. But if opt for it, make sure you exactly know how to apply it evenly so you’ll avoid yourself looking like a funny clown. Just a tiny amount will do. Don’t apply it like paint. Just rub it off to achieve quite tinted lips.

Emo Makeup Tips and Tricks For Both Sexes

So you now have a hint on how to apply makeup to achieve an emo look. Looks too simple? Well, it’s really simple. But there are some things you have to consider when making makeup. The following are some tips which apply for both girls and boys.

  • The eyeliner shouldn’t be ringed round the eyes.
  • Some opt for liquid eyeliner instead of emo paint. Meaning to say, when you decide to use liquid eyeliner, there is no sense to use emo paint so leave that out of the kit. Liquid eyeliner often serves as a mere alternative.
  • Remember that you are aiming for the emo look, not a raccoon. So, even how bad you want to draw too dark lines around your eyes, much better if you would let go of that thought. People will not see that as cool thing as it supposed to portray but scary eyes.
  • When it comes to eyeshadow, it’s much better to consult a makeup artist especially if you aren’t skilled enough to properly apply it or even choose the right color. They can help you ensure that the color perfectly blends with your own eyes.
  • Though it is recommended to use black colors (that’s a trait of an emo), it’s not prohibited to use other colors. Explore and try new dark colors such as midnight blue or dark green.
  • In terms of foundation, a little amount will do. Don’t you dare cover your face with powder, unless you want to be a subject of fun out there and avoid picking up a foundation that’s four times lighter than your own skin tone? We just mean pale skin, but not the skin of a dead! You may want to look a bit healthy. Just a shade lighter, when compared to your own skin tone, will do the trick.
  • And now let’s proceed on your lipstick. Never ever coat your lips with bloody red or darkest black. Your lips should not be dramatic.

To achieve a perfect emo makeup, doing a little more research will help.

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