How to Do Bridal Makeup Step by Step Yourself at Home in 17 Steps

Have you been interested in doing some bridal makeup all by yourself and at home? There are some steps to consider if you want to know How to Do Bridal Makeup at home. Here are some of the steps to follow:

How to Do Bridal Makeup Step by Step Yourself at Home

  1. Consider the skin care and the use of the primer
  2. – if you are using regular moisturizer and you allow it of seeping into your skin for 15 minutes, you are doing it just right. Before you apply a foundation, it is best for you to make use of a face primer. The face primer helps for the foundation to last longer. It will also act like a barrier between the skin and the foundation.

  3. Choose the Best Primer
  4. – how to do a bridal make includes of choosing a face primer. This should be specifically intended for the skin type. This is especially true if your skin type is oily. It is recommended for you to choose the one that keeps you shine.

  5. The foundation to Use
  6. – With the help of the face primer and the moisturizer, your face can be noticeably smoother and finer. You will apply the foundation of your favorite liquid or cream or eve a powder. Be sure that you make use of a loose powder after you put on your foundation. This will stay longer the entire day.

  7. The Eye shadow
  8. – in putting an eye shadow, you will be using the reverse color of the dress you are wearing. It is better to make use of a flat-based eye shadow brush and fluffy dome brush to blend it. Apply an even darker color on your wrinkle and follow it up by a highlight on your brow bone. It softens the harsh line noticeable to your naked eyes.

  9. The Eyeliner
  10. – When you put on your eyeliner, there are possibly two options to consider such as the use of pencil eyeliner, a gel or even liquid eyeliner. You can make use of anything that makes you feel comfortable. But, do not use red lips with your smokey eye.

  11. Applying Mascara and Curl lashes
  12. – you need to curl your lashes first before applying mascara. Doing the opposite leaves your eyelashes broken. Using the eyelash curler helps make your eyes even more awake. Applying the mascara begins with the root of the lashes. Reach the tip most part of the eye lashes. This will add to the definition and volume to the lashes.

  13. Adding blush on
  14. – if you want to have a natural glow, you need to put a blush on your cheeks by an upward movements to the hairline. The best way to apply it on is by sitting in front of the mirror. Have that smile on your face. Make use of a big fluffy brush to blend the blush on to your cheeks.

  15. Highlighting and the contour
  16. – Make use of the shade of brown matte in contouring your cheeks. By sucking your cheekbones, you will soon be noticing the hollows. And then, blend and apply the contour powder right there. In highlighting, applying a shimmering blush on the plains of your face and of the cheekbone and the T-zone is essential. You can best highlight the skin and you can get that amazing look. This is especially true in most photographs.

  17. Lining your lips –
  18. in doing a bridal make up step by step at your home, you are also required to lining your lips by the use of a lip balm. This is especially before starting on putting your make up. This will make your lips moister and this allows your lipstick and lip liner to glide on easily. Removing the lip balm by using a tissue is a good suggestion. And then, line your lips by the use of a lip pencil.  How to Do Bridal makeup on Lips

  19. Put on the right concealer –
  20. The right concealer needs to be dotted in the corner of the eye, at the edges and even at the lid. This helps create the base for the shadow. When you look at the mirror, you will soon notice if you still need a concealer. Your eyes should be powdered on gently. Make use of a product that is specific to the area of the eye only.

  21. Choose for the matte lip conditioner –
  22. You need to apply on the right matte lip conditioner along with the natural pink tone liner. Concentrate on the edges of the lips and blend with a lip brush. It can also be used all over the lip area to help make the color last. Then, you can best apply a non-sticky gloss.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Here are some of the tips to follow to do a bridal make up step by step yourself at home:

  1. Prepping the skin
  2. – The first bridal make up step is to prep the skin with the use of the face primer and the cream. Using this eye cream helps get the best from the eye concealer. It also helps improve the texture of the skin when you apply for the foundation.

  3. Use the foundation, the powder and the concealer
  4. – When you want to apply all these on your face, you need to add up a moisturizer for that natural looks. This should be followed by the face and the eye concealer.

  5. The eyes –
  6. Prep the lids with a lid primer through the use of a brush. And then, blend them well with the use of your fingers. Apply the tight colors in the root of the lashes by the use of a flat and stiff brush and an eyeliner sealer. The eye shadow must have a pigment rich and must be in black such as the navy blue or the deep purple.How to Do Bridal Makeup for Lip

  7. Contour, Bronzer and Blush –
  8. Apply the apple of your cheeks and blend it carefully on your cheek bones. The bronzer must be applied on the high plains of the face such as the forehead, the jawline and the cheekbone as a contour.

  9. The lips –
  10. Apply a lip stain for that natural proof color and finish it up with the gloss. You can also add up a light color gloss if you desire it the most.

  11. The lashes –
  12. Apply the false lashes that help enhance your eyes for those great pictures. They will simply look natural. Complete them up with the use of a thin black liner at the top to hide the roots of the lashes.

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