How to Look Pretty Without Makeup for School Naturally : 21 Tips with Pictures

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Everyone wants to be beautiful, that’s for sure and applying makeup is now common to women in order to look beautiful and attractive. However, is it possible to look pretty without putting your makeup on? Actually, it is! .How to Look Pretty Without Makeup is the question that every girl who goes to school and every teenager has but now with these tips on how to look pretty naturally you will realize that is indeed possible to look beautiful using simplest of ways.

How to Look Pretty without makeup for School Naturally:Tips:

  1. Smile and love yourself
  2. – Yes it is as easy as that wearing your smile always can definitely make you feel and look pretty even though you have no makeup! . There is a wonderful beauty without makeup quote by Marilyn Monroe that supports this ” A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear”

    Smile and love yourself

    Smile and love yourself

  3. Befriend Your Sunscreen –
  4. using sunscreen is often neglected whenever you spend more hours under the sun, which could cause damages on your skin. You might not notice it in your early age, but later, your skin will lose its freshness and even becomes rough.



  5. Wash your face every day –
  6. you need to make sure that you wash your face not only in the morning but also at nighttime. You can use your own facial wash, facial moisturizer and cleanser.

    Wash Face

    Wash Face

  7. Drink a cup of hot water with lemon –
  8. it will keep your skin fresh. Taking a cup of this serving regularly, you will just notice difference in your skin, which makes you look pretty even without makeup. It also flushes out toxins that are present in your body.

    Pretty girl drinking hot water with lemon and honey

    Pretty girl drinking hot water with lemon and honey

  9. Apply skin scrub –
  10. applying it two times a week opens up the skin pores. It will also ensure that your skin cells breathe properly. You just have to mix cold water along with baking soda and then mix it properly. When everything is ready, you can now apply it to your face and rub.

    Apply skin scrub

    Apply skin scrub

  11. Drink enough amount of water –
  12. it helps to enhance flexibility of your skin as well as hydrates it. Before you wonder how to look beautiful for a guy without putting makeup, make sure that you drink at least eight glasses a day for it can help you to have a sparkling and glowing skin all day long. It is important for you to keep your face hydrated through toning, cleaning and moisturizing it.

    Girl drinking water

    Girl drinking water

  13. Use mild cleanser –
  14. Use Mild Cleanser

    Use Mild Cleanser

    this will keep your skin supple. Just take a small amount on your palm and gently apply it on your face. Massage it around face and neck as long as you are comfortable with.

  15. Get a good scrub –
  16. Get a good scrub

    Get a good scrub

    in order to exfoliate your skin, use good scrub, apply it on skin and massage it gently. Make sure not to put pressure on your skin for it may cause irritation.

  17. Use a skin toner –
  18. Use a skin toner

    Use a skin toner

    for oily skin, use skin toner or astringent after using cleanser. Toning helps in keeping your skin fresh for all day long.

  19. Find an effective moisturizer –
  20. pretty girl applying moisturizer

    pretty girl applying moisturizer

    you can find various moisturizing products out in the market. Just make sure to choose the best ones. One of the most recommended moisturizers for oily skin is the Himalaya Soothing Lotion. On the other hand, Himalaya Intense Moisturizing Face Lotion is best for dry skin,

  21. Take care of your eyebrows –
  22. Take care of your eyebrows

    Take care of your eyebrows

    you need to pluck them once they are wonky or thick.

  23. Brush your eyebrows well –
  24. using a brow brush, brush it all upwards and then outwards. By doing so, you will have well-groomed look, giving your whole face a polished feel.

  25. Make sure you have a nice and flattering haircut –
  26. pretty girl in flattering haircut

    pretty girl in flattering haircut

    short, long, medium or with whatever type of bangs you want, you must choose the style that suits you.

  27. Moisturize your lips –
  28. Moisturize your lips

    Moisturize your lips

    you need to wet a clean toothbrush and then put Vaseline on it. After that, apply or gently scrub it to your lips.

  29. Condition your hair using hot oil hair massage –
  30. hot oil hair massage

    hot oil hair massage

    you must do it once or twice a week as you desire in order to get good hair. Choose the right hair oil to use, heat it, and apply it on your hair and scalp. Leave it overnight and apply shampoo on the next day.

  31. Drink little soda or eat little junk food –
  32. Refusing junk food

    Refusing junk food

    if you use to eat junk food and drink soda almost every day, you need to try reducing doing such things. You need to try minimizing them to the smallest portions as possible. Instead of drinking soda, it is better to go for juice or water.

  33. Don’t forget to have good posture –
  34. girl standing in good posture

    girl standing in good posture

    it is best to look confident. In order to achieve such you need to walk, sit and move along with head high and straight posture. Even you are at home, you need to practice it by yourself with proper discipline.

  35. Consider putting some accessories for a touch of personal style
  36. Woman Accessories

    Woman Accessories

    – an outfit can completely look cool and dressy by wearing the right accessories. This also includes how to look beautiful with glasses, for fashion purposes. You can also play around with bracelets, earrings, necklaces as well as rings. Accessories can help you look presentable and of course add to your personal style for beautifully looking you!

  37. Look for right and nice clothing –
  38. woman wearing nice clothes

    woman wearing nice clothes

    your fashion and style usually affect the way you look in front of a guy. You need to look for the right pair of pants and blouses, along with sneakers or shoes according to your preference. Just make sure you are comfortable wearing them.

    How to Be Pretty without Makeup

  39. Be simply, naturally beautiful –
  40. naturally beautiful

    naturally beautiful

    how to look beautiful without makeup for school can be achieved through proper grooming, fresh looking and presentable clothing. You do not need to put make up just to look presentable in front of many people.

  41. Convince yourself that you are beautiful –
  42. Convince yourself that you are beautiful

    Convince yourself that you are beautiful

    the key step of knowing how to look beautiful without makeup is to restore confidence within yourself. You need to believe that you have the charisma and then assert it with confidence.

Through the 21 tips on how to look pretty without makeup naturally, you can now confidently face many people without exerting much effort beautifying yourself. The beauty in you will come out naturally and you feel yourself to be more attractive. Makeup is only a temporary thing use this tips to feel good about yourself and answer the question of how to look good without makeup for your boyfriend or any other guy.

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